Rashōmon and the Tiger (羅生門と虎, Rashōmon to Tora?) is the 10th episode of Bungo Stray Dogs anime series. It aired on June 09, 2016.


Dazai has a face-off with his ex-partner, Chūya, as the latter attempts to uncover Dazai's true intentions for letting himself get captured. Meanwhile, Atsushi faces Akutagawa's intense and inexplicable hatred for him, as the ship continues on to the meeting place where he will be handed off in exchange for the bounty on his head...


Dazai and Chūya engage in hand-to-hand combat, with Chūya gaining the upper hand with relative ease. As Chūya asks him one last time why he allowed himself be captured, Dazai answers that he did it for Atsushi. Moreover, Dazai informs Chūya that he delivered a letter to the mafia's upper echelons that would leak mafia intel to the public should Dazai be killed in his detention. In the end, with Dazai cornering Chūya not to harm him, the mafia executive takes his leave and, as Dazai earlier asked for, tells him where the communications records with the source of the weretiger's bounty are located.

Akutagawa advises Kyōka to continue killing to give worth and value to her life.

Kyōka visits Atsushi inside the cargo room, but Akutagawa pulls him out into the open with Rashōmon. Akutagawa spites him, leaving Atsushi curious where his hatred is coming from. Kyōka attempts to save Atsushi, but Akutagawa quickly repels her and advises her to continue killing with Demon Snow, which he believes to be an Ability incarnate of slaughter, if she wishes for her life to have meaning and purpose.

Kunikida then locates Atsushi, while Kyōka gives him the chance to escape after she detonates explosives to sink the vessel. Kunikida urges Atsushi to jump and leave the girl behind, thinking that they cannot always save others. However, Atsushi steels his resolve and rushes to save her, believing that she, like how the Agency once took him in, can still be given a second chance to live a life beyond killing. Moments before Akutagawa finishes off Kyōka, Atsushi saves her and lays her at the side.

Atsushi attempts to break Akutagawa's near-impenetrable defense.

Atsushi and Akutagawa finally face off. The weretiger initially lands attacks on Akutagawa, but Rashōmon's devoured space is almost impregnable. Nevertheless, Atsushi's repetitive attacks on the devoured space allow him to find its weakness. Despite Akutagawa switching to a long-range strategy to avoid contact with Atsushi, the latter lands a crucial attack on the mafioso. Akutagawa recalls his past arduous training with Dazai, triggering him to voice out his animosity towards Atsushi once again.

Akutagawa continuously inflicts heavy attacks on him, but Atsushi's regeneration allows him to survive Rashōmon's assaults. Akutagawa remains far away from Atsushi, but the latter uses his tiger's tail to trap Akutagawa mid-air. As Atsushi launches an attack, Akutagawa uses his devoured space, but Atsushi breaks it and penetrates through, plunging the mafioso into the water. Kyōka awakens and rescues Atsushi from the sinking vessel. As an explosion on the vessel goes off, Kunikida catches the two in his boat, thinking how Atsushi did a job well done.

Dazai hacks into the mafia's communications records and discovers the one who placed the bounty on Atsushi. Meanwhile, Francis F., leader of The Guild, perceives how the bounty approach with the mafia has failed, though he remains confident that his organization shall soon have the "Promised Land".

Characters in Order of Appearance

Anime and Manga Differences

  • In the manga, Dazai laughs after Chūya states "There will be no second time!" before he takes his leave.[1] In this episode, Dazai does not react, leaving Chūya rather humiliated. Moreover, possibly as a nod to the manga, Chūya irritatingly reminds Dazai that he should be laughing.
  • Unlike in the manga, this episode does not feature Dame Agatha Christie and Fyodor Dostoevsky communicating with Francis after the bounty operation with the mafia has failed.[2]


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