First, an Unsuitable Profession for Her. Second, an Ecstatic Detective Agency (其の一『彼女には向かない職業』其の二『有頂天探偵社』, Sono Ichi "Kare On'na ni wa Mukanai Shokugyō" Sono Ni "Uchōten Tantei-sha"?) is the 11th episode of Bungo Stray Dogs anime series. It aired on June 16, 2016.


In the aftermath of Atsushi and Dazai's abduction, the Agency must decide what to do with Kyōka, the loose end. Meanwhile, the Port Mafia also deliberates what to do with Akutagawa, now comatose, as his enemies seek vengeance...


Atsushi's worry about the Agency's possible actions to take regarding Kyōka and her notorious record ends up dissipating after he finds out about their fondness for the girl. As the President himself called her over to the Agency, Kyōka requests him to let her stay. Though Kunikida and Atsushi are initially against it, given the dangers of their work and how the Port Mafia may find her soon, Fukuzawa decides to take her in.

The Black Lizard advises Higuchi to rethink about her position in the mafia.

In addition to a number of internal and external injuries, Akutagawa is comatose after his battle with Atsushi. With her superior fighting for his life, Higuchi becomes conflicted as her boss questions her suitability for her job in the mafia. She soon grapples with her position in the mafia as Hirotsu, Tachihara, and Gin imply how she might be exterminated from the mafia, more so because Akutagawa, the reason why they abide by their commands, is incapacitated.

At night, Higuchi is informed that Akutagawa is abducted by foreign mercenaries and decides to retrieve him, despite her subordinates' disapproval of her plans. She infiltrates the enemies' base, but their number overwhelms her individual effort. In the end, the Black Lizard arrives to her aid and completely crushes the enemies. As she comes up to Akutagawa, he apologizes to her, to which she replies that it is merely her job.

Later, Minoura and his comrade arrive at the Agency to discuss with them a bizarre car explosion case. As they left, Atsushi is given the case together with Kenji. They gather as much intel as they can along Yokohamabashi Shopping District, primarily thanks to Kenji's reputation. After they acquire a lead about Gojo Youth Association's possible ties with the car explosion, they directly ask them at their base, though the gang denies any relations with the bomb. Hence, Kenji believes their word and immediately leaves the building with Atsushi afterwards.

Kenji faces the gang with his immense strength.

Atsushi tries to persuade Kenji about the gang being responsible for the car explosion, but Kenji takes the group's "sincere" word as the truth. As they head along, the gang corners them and admits that the bomb they built was used to kill an enemy gang member. Kenji merely thanks them for confessing the truth, but a gang member strikes him from behind. However, Kenji is unfazed due to his immense strength and taps into Undefeated by the Rain to single-handedly defeat the entire gang. After eating a beef bowl with Atsushi, Kenji goes to sleep.

In a post-credits scene, Dazai slacks off in the Agency dorm, deciding to report his escape from the Port Mafia by the following day.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Manga and Anime Differences

  • In the manga, when Minoura and his comrade arrive at the Agency, they meet Kyōka just after Fukuzawa decided to take her in. As Minoura becomes suspicious of the girl, Fukuzawa tells the police officer that she is his granddaughter.[1] This scene is omitted in the episode.
  • The manga features Higuchi searching for and saving Akutagawa in the sea after his battle with Atsushi,[2] which is omitted in this episode.
  • When Higuchi approaches Akutagawa after she and the Black Lizard fought their enemies, he thanks her in the manga,[2] while he apologizes to her in this episode.


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