Born Back Ceaselessly into the Past (たえまなく過去へ押し戻されながら, Taemanaku Kako e Oshimodosare Nagara?) is the 12th episode of Bungo Stray Dogs anime series. It aired on June 23, 2016.


Francis, the leader of The Guild, a North American organization of gifted members, is the one responsible for the bounty on Atsushi's head. Fukuzawa refuses Francis's offer to buy out the Agency, but their agents begin to disappear...


Fitzgerald states his purpose of visit to Fukuzawa at the Agency.

Dazai asks Atsushi to write a report about the information he found on the benefactor who placed the bounty on Atsushi. As he discovered from the Port Mafia's communications records, the bounty was funded by The Guild, a North American organization of gifted individuals. Tanizaki barges in and inform them of the arrival of The Guild leader Francis Fitzgerald and two of his subordinates. Fitzgerald discusses business with Fukuzawa, wishing to purchase the Agency. Specifically, he would like him to hand over their gifted business permit, but Fukuzawa refuses. As they leave, Fitzgerald warns Fukuzawa that an agency without employees would cease to function and tells Fukuzawa that he shall deliver a message in the morning papers. Kenji sees the visitors out, but he vanishes in the elevator as the group exits the building.

The next morning, the Agency watches the news about the disappearance of a seven-story mafia-owned building overnight, believing it to be Fitzgerald's message. Tanizaki, Atsushi, and Naomi look for Kenji, but Naomi vanishes. Tanizaki notices Fitzgerald's companion and demands her to bring Naomi back. Lucy M., an apprentice from The Guild, activates her ability and brings them, alongside several other civilians, to Anne's Room. She explains how they can exit her dimension anytime, but their captured subordinates shall remain behind a black door, and their memories inside Anne's Room would disappear. Moreover, she asks them to play with a gigantic doll-like monster, Anne, in a game of tag; the frightened civilians escape her dimension, leaving only Atsushi, Tanizaki, and a doctor (who appears to be looking for a child named Elise) inside the room. Lastly, Lucy tells them that if they can get the key into the black door, the hostages shall be freed.

The doctor stops Atsushi from escaping Anne's Room.

Atsushi and Tanizaki decide to play the game, but Anne immediately captures and imprisons Tanizaki. Atsushi counters Anne and manages to reach the black door, but the key is actually a feint — from the very start, there actually seems to be no way to open the door. Anne gets the upper hand, making Atsushi think that he could not solve the problem without help from Dazai and the others. As he rushes to the exit, the doctor stops him and advises him with game theory strategy to launch a counterattack on his opponent, encouraging him to save his comrades who had once saved his own life.

Atsushi resists getting imprisoned.

However, Atsushi is captured towards the black door. Lucy turns to the doctor, who exudes a menacing aura that renders Lucy and even Anne frozen in fear. He tells her to look at the door, finding Atsushi resisting against the force dragging him into the room. Tanizaki had actually used Light Snow to create a false door and for Atsushi to tie a ribbon on Lucy without her knowing. Atsushi pulls her towards him and demands her to deactivate her ability if she does not want to be dragged alongside him. Atsushi lets go, forcing Lucy to release her ability.

With everyone freed, Atsushi tries to approach Lucy, but she runs away in tears. The doctor reunites with Elise, and Kyōka rushes to Atsushi out of worry. As the doctor bids Atsushi farewell, Kyōka trembles in fear at the sight of the man. The doctor turns out to be Ōgai Mori, boss of the Port Mafia, before whom his subordinates bow to after killing James L., an assassin from The Guild. Mori asserts that whoever opposes the mafia's might shall get annihilated, be it the Agency or The Guild.

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Manga and Anime Differences

  • In the manga, when Naomi vanishes along the streets, Tanizaki pushes Mori out of his way as he spots Lucy among the crowd; Atsushi then asks the man if he is alright.[1] In the anime, Atsushi and Tanizaki would not have any interaction with Mori until later when they are brought into Anne's Room.


  • The title refers to the last line in The Great Gatsby, a book written by Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald.


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