Nowhere to Return (戻れない場所, Modorenai Basho?) is the 14th episode of Bungo Stray Dogs anime series. It aired on October 13, 2016.


Oda tries tracking down Ango and remembers the time they first met, where he hypothesizes that he is a double agent. Meanwhile, Dazai manages to catch Mimic soldiers alive in a trap he had set. However, once he gets there, all that is waiting for him are their corpses. Another figure also awaits him: his subordinate, Akutagawa.


Oda visits a group of orphans he provides for living in a curry restaurant. Dazai visits the restaurant and informs Oda that Mimic is an overseas organization of gifted individuals who came running from Europe to Japan after being pursued by an English secret organization known as the Order of the Clock Tower, and that a storage unit raided by them had its passcode leaked by Ango. Meanwhile, a mafia-owned casino is attacked by Mimic operatives, though unknown to them that it is a trap set by Dazai.

Oda recalls the first time he and Dazai met Ango at an accounting facility at the Port Mafia headquarters as he tries to find information related to him. He discovers that Ango went to Europe two years ago to negotiate a deal, where he possibly decided to become a double agent at the time.

Dazai threatens Akutagawa.

Dazai sees the Mimic operatives caught in his trap all killed; his men explain that one committed suicide, and three were taken alive, merely unconscious from the sleeping gas released at the casino. One woke up unexpectedly and killed his two subordinates, though, after he tried to attack the mafiosi, Dazai's apprentice – Ryunosuke Akutagawa – finishes him off. Dazai punches Akutagawa in the face and berates him for deleting their only possible source of leads on the enemy. Dazai then coldly threatens his apprentice should he mess up once again in the future. He also lectures his men about the hidden notoriety behind Oda, whom he remarks even Akutagawa can never defeat.

Oda rescues Ango.

Oda heads to Mimic's base after Dazai confirms their hideout, where he finds Ango tied up with time bombs set up all over the building. Oda rescues Ango and assumes that he was sent by Mori to infiltrate Mimic as a spy for the Port Mafia. Using Flawless to read six seconds into the future, they manage to escape the time bomb, and Ango reveals that the head of Mimic – a man named Gide – possesses a dangerous ability, and that Mimic consists of former soldiers defeated in war. At that moment, a ball infused with poison is picked up by Oda, causing him to collapse as he watches Ango run away with soldiers.

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Light Novel and Anime Differences

  • When Dazai and Oda first met him, Ango was making reports on four casualties in the light novel,[1] while he was writing reports for three casualties in this episode.
  • After Oda rescues Ango, the light novel describes how Ango's temple eventually bleeds, causing Oda to lend him his handkerchief to apply pressure on his wound.[1] This is omitted in this episode.
  • In the light novel, Ango returns Oda's handkerchief to him after he falls for the trap and picks up the ball with a pair of gloves. He places the ball back on Oda's poisoned hand, after which he imparts his words to Oda and runs away with the soldiers.[1] In this episode, after Oda picks up the ball, Ango simply tells his parting words to Oda before fleeing with the soldiers.


  • Oda touches a temari ball, unknown to him that it was ridden with poison quite possibly by Ango's doing. In Japanese tradition, a temari is a highly cherished gift that symbolizes deep friendship and loyalty.[2]


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