A Room Where We Can Someday See the Ocean (いつか海の見える部屋で, Itsuka Umi no Mieru Heya de?) is the 15th episode of Bungo Stray Dogs anime series. It aired on October 20, 2016.


The Port Mafia's council of five top executives has decreed that Mimic must be annihilated. In the ensuing battle, Odasaku has a fateful encounter with Gide, the leader of Mimic, who makes a cryptic prophecy. Night falls, and the usual bar now awaits Dazai, Odasaku, and Ango...


Oda wakes up in the Port Mafia base and relays the events of last night to Dazai. Dazai decides to put Ango's departure with the soldiers, revealed to be a separate group of Special Op Corps, aside and focus on dealing with the remaining members of Mimic. Oda then decides to join the mafia in the fight against Mimic.

Oda and Gide face each other.

As a rookie Akutagawa is injured by Gide during a crossfire between the two groups, Oda arrives to help him. Akutagawa apparently gets into a falling out with Oda, whom Dazai speaks highly of. Meanwhile, Gide insists on fighting Oda to create a battlefield for all of them to die with meaning, as both can use the same predictive ability. Oda refuses, as he yearns to become a writer by the time he quits the Port Mafia after being inspired by a man to write the third part of an unfinished series he once read in his youth.

Ango leaves Dazai and Oda for good.

Later that evening, the three encounter one another at Bar Lupin. Dazai reveals Ango's true identity as an agent of the Ministry of Internal Affairs made to monitor the Port Mafia's movements, thereby making him a triple agent. Ango also warns them, especially Oda, about the singularity of ability — a rare event when certain abilities collide and the occurrence previously experienced by Oda during his brief fight with Gide. In the end, though Ango admits that he wished to meet them like always without having their professions get in the way of their friendship, Dazai and Oda ask Ango to leave. As Ango departs for good, he leaves the photograph of the three of them on the table.

The next day, Oda is horrified to find the curry shop owner dead and the children abducted. Seeing they are inside a van parked outside, he rushes towards them. At that point, the van explodes, merely leaving Oda to scream in anguish.

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Light Novel and Anime Differences

  • The light novel describes Akutagawa's encounter with the Mimic soldiers quite specifically and somewhat brutally.[1] This episode portrays him swiftly killing his enemies as compared to the light novel.
  • In the light novel, Akutagawa initially restrains Gide and lands punches on the Mimic leader in an effort to know his ability. Later, Gide breaks free from Akutagawa and launches a counter-offensive on him.[1] In this episode, Gide almost immediately gains the upper hand against Akutagawa.
  • Oda heads to a certain shelter prepared by Dazai supposedly to visit the orphans, but they are abducted in a small bus as described in the light novel. Oda chases the bus down the road and lands on the roof of a nearby minivan as he jumps off a bridge, where he engages the Mimic soldiers inside the bus in physical combat. Eventually, a Mimic operative presses a transmitter device to set the bus in an explosion.[1] In this episode, the van that has abducted the orphans instantly explodes as Oda rushes towards the vehicle.


  • During the last encounter of the three in Bar Lupin, a calico cat resembling Natsume's feline form appeared in Bar Lupin, who appears next to Ango's seat as Dazai and Oda arrived at the bar.


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