Bungo Stray Dogs (文豪ストレイドッグス, Bungō Sutorei Doggusu?) is the 16th episode of Bungo Stray Dogs anime series. It aired on October 21, 2016.


While the leaders of the Port Mafia and the gifted special operations division meet via Ango, Dazai is close to discovering the true significance of the conflict between the three groups. However, in despair, Oda is deaf to Dazai's entreaties not to go alone to Mimic's headquarters where Gide awaits...


Ango facilitates a meeting between Mori and Taneda.

Ango facilitates an unofficial meeting between the Port Mafia's boss, Ōgai Mori, and the head of the Special Division for Unusual Powers, Taneda, requesting for the Port Mafia to dispose of Mimic in return for the permit allowing the mafia to operate legally as a gifted organization without fear of suppression from the Division.

Following the bombing incident, Dazai dissuades Oda from seeking out Gide for vengeance. He tries to urge Oda to rely on something; for instance, Dazai reveals that he joined the Port Mafia to place himself close to his raw emotions under violence and bloodshed in an attempt to find a reason to live. Oda nevertheless resigns himself and sacrifices his writer's dream as he resolves to kill Gide. Along the way, he bumps into a detective, who advises him not to go where he is headed, lest he shall die. Oda merely acknowledges his deduction and heads to his destination.

Oda and Gide clash in a singularity.

Dazai confronts Mori about how he orchestrated everything including allowing Mimic to enter the country and revealing the orphans' locations just to get that permit, with Oda's life as the tool to defeat Mimic for good. Meanwhile, Oda thwarts Mimic soldiers at their base and finally faces Gide, engaging him in a death battle. Eventually, Dazai rushes to the base alone, where he witnesses both Oda and Gide collapse from their injuries. Instead of continuing walking down his path of darkness, Oda advises his friend to keep on living as someone who protects people, shortly before dying in Dazai's arms.

Two weeks later, Dazai quits the Port Mafia and searches for a new job. Upon encountering Taneda at a bar, the chief recommends him the Armed Detective Agency.

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Light Novel and Anime Differences

  • Oda is shown smoking throughout the light novel multiple times, including after the deaths of the orphans and during his final moments.[1] This episode omits this trait of Oda's.
  • Unlike in this episode where Ranpo puts his glasses on to deduce Oda, the light novel seemingly portrays Ranpo advising Oda without using Super Deduction.[1]
  • Oda's infiltration of Mimic's base in the light novel causes him injuries prior to his encounter with Gide due to various enemy tactics like explosions and directional mines.[1] Oda in this episode fends off the Mimic soldiers with relative ease and faces Gide considerably unscathed as compared to the light novel.
  • Aside from Dazai's encounter with Taneda at the bar as shown in this episode, the light novel also narrates about the other involved parties after Oda's and Gide's death match, including Ango looking over some photos, Akutagawa flushing out the final remaining Mimic soldiers, Dazai's visit to Oda's grave, and Mori's decision with Dazai's disappearance in the mafia.[1]


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