Three Companies Conflict (三社鼎立, San-sha Teiritsu?) is the 17th episode of Bungo Stray Dogs anime series. It aired on October 29, 2016.


Trusting in a life that doesn't require her to kill, Kyōka works her first job at the Armed Detective Agency, but the job ends in a minor disaster. As Atsushi attempts to cheer her up, the unthinkable happens--Kyōka's inactive cell phone rings, and a voice orders Demon Snow to attack Atsushi.


Mori is talking with Kōyō, a Port Mafia executive, which begins her introduction.

In the agency dorm, Tanizaki eats with Naomi and the two talk about Kyōka's interview file with the police. It is revealed that she was an orphan before the Port Mafia took her in and that her parents were killed.

Back at the Agency, Atsushi briefs Kyōka on her first case, which is to deliver documents containing evidence to a court judge. He hands Kyōka a taser due to her being targeted by the Port Mafia. Atsushi shows Kyōka a picture of the judge, which she memorizes immediately, prompting Atsushi to ask whether this was her first job. Kyouka bleakly reminds him that she was an assassin.

Kyōka denied entrance to see the judge.

At the judge's building, Kyōka is denied entrance by a security guard. Atsushi attempts to contact the judge, but fails and states that there was a miscommunication. He says that they need to get rid of that guard somehow, in which Kyouka immediately thinks of a plan to seduce and then assassinate him. Atsushi comically states that the Agency does not perform such actions. Kyōka thinks of an alternate plan and then runs off on her own.

Kyōka runs into the service room, shooting her taser at the power grid in order to disable the power in the building. She then runs past the security guard through the metal detector and up the stairs. On the way, she runs into a guard, who she shoots the taser at. Once breaking into the judge's room, she shoots the taser at him as well before presenting him with the documents. She looks up and sees the incapacitated judge.

Kōyō's Golden Demon attacks Atsushi.

A while later, Kyōka sits alone on a bench outside and Atsushi hands her a crepe. He notes that she still has her cellphone with her, in which she states that it's important to her and that she's changed the program of it. Once Atsushi mentions that she could probably learn to control Demon Snow, Kyōka's eyes widen in fear, stating that she'll never use Demon Snow again. Just then, her cellphone rings. She doesn't answer, but the voice on the other end still comes through and orders Demon Snow to eliminate all who show Kyouka the light. The demon appears and promptly stabs Atsushi through the chest.

The voice came from Kōyō, who has come to take Kyōka back to the Port Mafia. She states that Mori wants all of the Agency operatives dead, but made an exception for Kyōka after Kōyō asked. She tells Kyouka that the light that Atsushi showed her was just an illusion and that the Agency will eventually use her for her power. After walking away with Kyōka, Atsushi interrupts and states that she's a part of the agency and activates his ability, "Beast Under the Moonlight". However, a second demon appears and slashes at him before he could get to the women. That demon pins him against the wall and Kōyō pulls out her katana, asking Kyouka if she'd still be interested in staying in the Agency if Atsushi is dead.

Kyōka tries to attack Kōyō.

Shaken, Kyōka agrees to go with Kōyō. The two walks further and Kyōka draws out Kōyō's knife and tries to stab her, but Kōyō stops her. However, this was an illusion, as Kyōka took his opportunity to steal Kōyō's cellphone and uses it to command Demon Snow to destroy her enemies.

Elsewhere, Lovecraft and Steinbeck appear, having to have driven their van into a pole. John makes a comment about the roads in Japan and Lovecraft rushes them along, saying that he hasn't been outside in four years.

Kyōka and Kōyō's demons fight and Kōyō makes comments about how Kyōka was born to wield a blade in a killing fashion. Kōyō says that it's pointless to attempt to reach for the light, as she once tried and failed. It is revealed that Demon Snow was the one that killed Kyōka's parents, which shocks Atsushi. Kōyō states that he won't understand, as nobody living in the world of light can understand her. As Atsushi struggles to get up, back up from the Port Mafia arrives.

Kōyō orders to shoot the Guild members.

However, suddenly Kenji throws one of the cars up at the Port Mafia, saving Atsushi. Kunikida also arrives, scolding Atsushi for acting like a damsel in distress. Kōyō yells at the Agency members, telling them to no longer show Kyouka any more of their "toxic light". Before the two organizations can clash, two guild members, Lovecraft and John, appear at the scene. They tell the two organizations to wait for their "luggage" as four more guild members appear out of the sky. Kōyō immediately tells her subordinates to fire.

The guild emerges victorious and walks away from the battle scene, unharmed.

Atsushi wakes up strapped to a bed and confused as to how he got there. Yosano appears in delight at his injury and pulls out a chainsaw to begin performing her ability on him.

File:Fukuzawa heads out of the agency office.

Atsushi, Kunikida, and Kenji have all been fully healed by Yosano and Yosano states that they're a helpless lot. Fukuzawa Yukichi walks into the office and states that he's heading out, much to everyone's concern since it's a dangerous time due to the Guild.

At the Port Mafia headquarters, Mori is commenting at how much Elise is eating as there's a table full of sweets. However, as soon as Elise says that she'd be willing to try on a dress that Mori bought earlier, Mori immediately offers her seconds. Chūya walks into the room, stating that the Agency has taken Kōyō hostage. Mori immediately decides that the best plan of action is to assassinate Fukuzawa so the mafia can focus on defeating the Guild.

Dazai and Atsushi visit Kōyō at the infirmary.

Kōyō wakes up in the Agency's infirmary and is greeted by Dazai. She greets him back, calling him a traitor. She then asks Atsushi if Kyouka's safe, to which he responds that she's missing because of her. Kōyō then laughs, which angers Atsushi and he activates his ability in an attempt to harm her, but Dazai stops him and leads him out of the room, saying that he'll take care of it.

Dazai kindly asks Kōyō what the Port Mafia's plans are, but Kōyō refuses to answer, stating the Port Mafia's motto: "Those with loose tongues die first." Then, Dazai moves to lock the door and reminds her that he was the one they called in when the torture specialists couldn't break a hostage and that not a single person has gone without spilling under Dazai's interrogation.

Fukuzawa calls Kunikida and states that he wants everyone in the Agency to relocate to the former Bankoudou Hall, indicating that he's preparing for war with the Guild. Suddenly, he's ambushed by a group of assassins and hangs up the call with Kunikida.

Fukuzawa attacked by assassins.

Kunikida speculates that Fukuzawa was attacked by an enemy and Atsushi immediately states that they should go help, in which Kunikida denies, saying that it's unnecessary. Atsushi questions how Kunikida could be so sure and Kunikida demonstrates Fukuzawa's ability by taking Atsushi's hand and flipping him over onto the floor. He states that that was the first move that he learned from Fukuzawa and that he's never been able to defeat him in a match.

The assassins have all been defeated and Fukuzawa orders them to tell their boss "Nice try" and to continue to target him and him alone.

On a cruise ship, John and Francis F. talk about how the Agency has relocated and the Port Mafia has begun to make their move. Francis begins talking about how money is a nightmare and that eventually, the world becomes tiresome, which is why his world is so bright before claiming that Yokohama will be his.

The Agency convenes at the Bankoudou Hall.

The Agency members gather at their new location and Fukuzawa enters saying that the Guild wishes to usurp the Agency and the Port Mafia wishes to eradicate the Agency. Dazai begins explaining their plan of action, saying that the Guild has a financial advantage and the mafia has a numerical advantage, so the Agency will split into teams. The defensive team's goal is to protect Yosano and will consist of Fukuzawa, Ranpo, Kenji, and Yosano, herself. There will be two offensive teams, consisting of Tanizaki and Kunikida on one team and Dazai and Atsushi on the other. He states that they need to keep their base of operation hidden since if either enemy attacked them at full force, their defenses would not hold.

Back at the assassination site, Chūya calls Mori and tells him that the assassination failed. Mori says that it's all according to plan and reveals that there was a radioactive tracking element placed on the assassin's clothes. Chūya confirms that there's a strong signal and locates the Agency's hideout.

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