Rashoumon, The Tiger, and The Last Emperor (羅生門と虎と最後の大君, Rashōmon to Tora to Saigo no Taikun?) is the 23rd episode of Bungo Stray Dogs anime series. It first aired on December 10, 2016.


Atsushi searches desperately for the control terminal, which he would need to stop the Moby Dick from crashing into Yokohama. He's greeted by Akutagawa and Francis, both of whom have other plans in mind.


Atsushi tricks Akutagawa to avoid him and faces Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald reveals he is aware of Atsushi's past which makes Akutagawa angered since he realizes his enemy is weak. However, Fitzgerald overwhelms the two men and prepares to send Moby Dick to the city. Meanwhile, Dazai contacts Kyōka in regards to what she can do instead of killing enemies. Both Atsushi and Akutagawa accept each other despite the hatred they share and start confronting Fitzgerald together.

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