Yokohama Gangster Paradise (ヨコハマ ギァングスタア パラダヰス, Yokohama Gyangusutā Paradaisu?) is the 3rd episode of Bungo Stray Dogs anime series. It aired on April 21, 2016.


Now an official member of the Agency after passing their entrance exam, Atsushi is assigned to his first case right away with Tanizaki and Naomi. Though deceptively simple on the surface, there's more than meets the eye...


Tanizaki apologizes to Atsushi for his crude behavior during the latter's entrance exam. He introduces himself as a member of the Armed Detective Agency along with his sister, Naomi. Now that he is a member of their organization, Kunikida asks Atsushi to uphold the agency's good name. After Atsushi guesses his senior colleagues' former professions, Tanizaki receives a call about a client at the agency.

The client requests the Agency for help.

Their female client asks for their help in staking out the back alley of her company building, having found a suspicious group — possibly smugglers — recently lurking within the area. Kunikida instructs Atsushi to go in the stakeout operation with Tanizaki and Naomi. He also advises the rookie to flee should he ever encounter Akutagawa, a mafioso with a strong offensive Ability from the infamous underground organization, Port Mafia.

At a police station somewhere, Akutagawa returns a lost bag to the police. The policemen apparently recognize him as a wanted fugitive, but he easily overpowers them with his Ability before they could take him down. As he leaves the murder scene, the bag he left earlier explodes.

Atsushi, Tanizaki, Naomi, and their client, Higuchi, head to the area in question. They arrive at a dead end, and she informs her subordinate, Akutagawa, that she has the targets cornered. Actually a member of Port Mafia, Higuchi opens fire at the group, while Naomi shields her brother with her body. As Tanizaki angrily activates Light Snow to kill Higuchi, Akutagawa impales him from behind. The mafioso introduces himself to Atsushi and uses Rashōmon to capture the weretiger. Akutagawa then uses Rashomon to sever Atsushi's leg. Atsushi futilely attempts to gun down the mafioso until he inadvertently activates his Ability and transforms into a tiger.

Dazai uses No Longer Human to stop Akutagawa and Atsushi.

Before becoming an all-out battle, Dazai arrives and nullifies both Abilities with No Longer Human. He reveals having tapped Higuchi on their initial meeting and listened to the happenings ever since their departure. In the end, Akutagawa retreats, though declaring that he shall soon capture the weretiger in exchange for the black market's ¥7 billion bounty on him. Higuchi threatens Dazai and the Agency, but the man claims that he knows about the danger of their organization, since he himself is a former operative of Port Mafia.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Manga and Anime Differences

  • When guessing what Dazai previously did prior to joining the Agency, Atsushi mentions him being an actor. In the manga, Dazai says it would be embarrassing,[1] while in this episode, he describes it to be flattering.
  • In the manga, Kunikida tells Atsushi that he had once lost to Akutagawa in a fight.[1] In this episode, Kunikida says that he would not want to fight him, which might imply that he has never fought him before.


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