Slap the Stick & Addict is the 30th episode of Bungo Stray Dogs anime series. It first aired on May 10, 2019.


The Armed Detective Agency gets over with their burn-out syndrome while former agency member Katai makes his debut.


As things have died down after the battle with the Guild, the Armed Detective Agency relaxes at a café on the first floor of their office building. Atsushi reports that criminal organizations have arisen to find the rumored Guild's fortune and how he encountered Lucy the other day. This leads to one such organization, The Park, to attempt to wring information out from the Agency by ransacking the café and tearing out the manager's fingernails, prompting a fierce retaliation from the Agency members. After getting revenge, the manager reveals that he has employed Lucy to be one of his staff members, much to Atsushi's surprise.

Like the Agency, the Port Mafia relaxes after the incident. Higuchi espies Akutagawa going home with a beautiful young woman one day and plots to figure out her identity. Meanwhile, Kunikida brings Atsushi to see Katai Tayama, a former Agency member whose ability "Futon" allows him to control electronic devices without touching them and process information a dozen times faster than normal humans, in order to find the identity behind the person who bugged the Moby Dick to control remotely. However, Katai is revealed to have fallen in love with a woman that is, coincidentally, the same woman Higuchi is trailing and is unable to use his ability due to lovesickness. Higuchi and Katai both give chase when they see the woman, revealed to be Gin, who is also Akutagawa's younger sister. Rejected, Katai works through his heartbreak to help the Agency find their information.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Manga and Anime Differences

  • This episode has some differences to the manga regarding the Agency members' appearances throughout the plot:[1]
    • Kunikida is present during the Agency's raid of Zoopark's hideout and helps Atsushi defeat the armed guards in the manga. However, in this episode, he does not appear when they infiltrate the gang's hideout; Atsushi overwhelms the guards on his own.
    • In the manga, Kenji is with the Agency while they are resting at the café, while he is not around when they found the place ransacked. This is reversed in the anime: he is absent during their initial rest, while he is present when they found the café in ruins.


  1. Bungo Stray Dogs Manga: Chapter 37.

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