Cannibalism (Part 1) ( (共喰い (其の一), Tomo Kui (Sono Ichi)?) is the 34th episode of Bungo Stray Dogs anime series. It aired on June 7, 2019.


Tensions between the Detective Agency and the Port Mafia run high as they both scramble to save their own leaders while avoiding all-out war.


The Agency team takes the President away from the hospital.

While the Black Lizard prepare themselves to attack the Agency members, Tanizaki uses his ability to let his colleagues and the President escape. He stays behind, playing the role of the negotiator. On the way to a safer location, Ranpo explains his strategy to change the rules: instead of facing the Port Mafia and risking multiple casualties, they are going to catch the virus ability user and force him to deactivate his power. The skilled detective is convinced that the ability user is still in Yokohama and can be found with proper information.

Kunikida and Atsushi thus set off in pursuit of the ability user, an escaped criminal named Pushkin. They track him down in an ill-famed slum, but Fyodor warns the criminal of the Agency's arrival. Kunikida and Atsushi hunt the presumed ability user in the sewers, but are stopped by a bunch of heavily armed children trying to protect their "big brother".

Kunikida negotiates with the child.

Kunikida summons a smoke grenade but is forced to injure a child in order to protect Atsushi; the situation festers as they come across a little girl with grenades tied around her neck. Kunikida tells Atsushi to resume the pursuit while he tries to reason with the child, but Fyodor's warning prevails over Kunikida's words and the girl sets off the bombs.

Somewhere else, Fyodor plays the cello while talking with a tied Shōsaku Katsura. Fyodor explains his plan to unnerve Kunikida, by using a little girl wearing bombs just as Katsura attempted to do a while ago. Atsushi manages to catch the criminal but quickly realizes that the latter know nothing about their current situation, has no ability, and is not even named Pushkin.

The fake Pushkin delivers the message.

The Agency has been framed by Fyodor, who ordered the fake Pushkin to tell them one thing: "you can not change the rules." He also gives Atsushi a seemingly official description of Pushkin but reveals itself to also be fake by Ranpo. Meanwhile, Kunikida walks away relatively unscathed from the explosion, but is deeply distraught at the sight of the pile of rubble and the dead child.

At the same moment, Tanizaki has been brought to the Port Mafia hideout and is threatened by Hirotsu, Gin, and Tachihara. The Black Lizard threaten to kill Naomi if Tanizaki does not accept to become their mole; a raging mad Tanizaki manages to free himself thanks to a hidden piece of Kunikida's notebook remotely activated and uses his own ability to escape the Port Mafia members.

Tanizaki sets out to kill Mori and enters his bedroom. As he is about to deal a fatal blow, Fukuzawa awakens in a deeply distressed state in Anne's Room. While Lucy is looking after him, he implores not to sacrifice Yokohama's peace and stability by fighting the mafia just to save his life.

Golden Demon attacks Tanizaki.

Kōyō appears and stabs Tanizaki to prevent him from killing Mori. Tanizaki is overwhelmed by Golden Demon's attacks but is eventually saved by Kyōka. The two of them escape the building and catch up with the rest of the Agency, and Akiko uses her healing ability on Tanizaki. The mission to retrieve the virus ability user has failed, and Ranpo explains that they now can only try to directly confront the Port Mafia. As Katsura asks a smiling Fyodor what his objectives are, the Agency members are taken aback by the President's orders to not attack the Port Mafia.

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