Murder on D Street is the 5th episode of Bungo Stray Dogs anime series. It aired on May 05, 2016.


After repelling the Port Mafia's Black Lizards with deceptive ease, Atsushi is tasked with accompanying Rampo to a case. Skeptical of the self-dubbed great detective who seems to lack all common sense, Atsushi is about to witness Rampo's ability first-hand...


Atsushi and Ranpo en route to the murder scene.

While the Agency tidies up their headquarters after Black Lizard's raid, Kunikida assigns Atsushi to accompany Ranpo for a murder case. Atsushi is initially dubious about Ranpo, who apparently does not know basic everyday tasks, despite the Agency members' praises for the great detective.

They later arrive at the crime scene and meet Officer Minoura, who tells them that their help is no longer needed. He adds that the victim is his subordinate, Yamagiwa, who was found floating in the river that morning, and that there are no leads. At that point, the police have caught another person from the river, who turns out to be Dazai simply drifting along.

Ranpo activates Super Deduction.

Minoura reminds Ranpo that their help is no longer necessary, believing that his own men are superior to them. To test this claim, Ranpo asks Minoura's fellow officer, Sugimoto, to solve the case within 60 seconds, but he fails. Minoura then asks Ranpo to prove himself instead of invalidating the police's worth. Ranpo activates Super Deduction, after which he claims that the killer is Sugimoto. As evidence, Ranpo asks for Sugimoto's gun that should be lacking in ammo from firing three bullets. Sugimoto stands in silence and later points his gun towards Ranpo. Atsushi, however, restrains him. Ranpo proceeds with his deduction, correctly pointing out where the crime scene was.

Sugimoto interrogated.

Sugimoto is interrogated at the station, where they learn that he was a spy for a Diet member whom Yamagiwa has found evidence on for corruption. When Sugimoto confronted Yamagiwa, he threatened to kill himself to force her to hand him the evidence. In the end, Yamagiwa tried to stop him, but Sugimoto accidentally pulled the trigger on her. Asking the Diet member for help, Sugimoto was instructed to fire two more bullets to make it seem like the mafia's doing. He then set her body adrift the river to delay discovery.

With a case closed, Minoura thanks Ranpo for his help and apologizes for his earlier behavior. On their way back to the Agency, Dazai tells Atsushi that Ranpo does not actually have an Ability — he merely uses his intelligence and deduction in solving cases, the reason why the Agency highly respects the great detective.

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Manga and Anime Differences

  • In this episode, Dazai secretly touches Ranpo's hair during Super Deduction to see whether No Longer Human could nullify Ranpo's ability, which is not shown or mentioned in the manga.
    • This scene is featured in the light novel when Dazai afterwards concludes that Ranpo merely utilizes his regular deduction in solving cases. This instance becomes the first time that Dazai and Kunikida know of Ranpo's non-ability.[1]


  • This episode's title is based on The Case of the Murder on D. Hill, a short story written by Ranpo Edogawa.


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