The Azure Messenger (青の使徒, Ao no Shito?) is the 6th episode of Bungo Stray Dogs anime series. It aired on May 12, 2016.


The Agency investigates a series of disappearances in Yokohama. Kunikida enlists the help of a hacker named Rokuzō Taguchi, but all they find are photos of the victims and mention of a mysterious figure called the Azure Messenger. They follow the trail of clues to an abandoned hospital...


As Dazai tries another suicide attempt by eating a poisonous mushroom, Atsushi tries to snap him out of its side effect. After finishing his paperwork despite Dazai's pestering, Kunikida receives a new task from the President concerning the mysterious disappearances of Yokohama visitors.

The Agency saves the drowning woman.

The three head to Rokuzō Taguchi's base of operations to ask for the source of an anonymous tip regarding the case. Rokuzō, a cyber hacker employed by Kunikida, informs them that the tip came from the Azure Messenger. Kunikida then calls a cab to head to an abandoned hospital mentioned by the tipster. Atsushi is introduced to the cabbie, an informant for the Agency. As they investigate the hospital, they hear a lady screaming for help. They rush to the basement to find her left to drown in a glass tank; Kunikida shoots at the glass and successfully saves the woman, Nobuko Sasaki. She also tells them that there seem to be other abducted people at the hospital. Though the group locates them, a gas is released in their chamber, killing the captives.

Kunikida faces Akutagawa.

News later spread of the Agency's failure to save the victims of the Yokohama serial disappearances. The group visits Sasaki in the infirmary, who thanks them for saving her life. Later, Kunikida realizes who the possible culprit is. He calls for the cabbie and names him as the kidnapper behind the abductions. As they correctly pinpoint his motives and having a connection with organ traffickers, the cabbie requests for protection in exchange for turning himself in after he had kidnapped a Port Mafia member. Just then, the mafia attacks their cab, and the cabbie flees out of fear. As Dazai pursues the cabbie and Atsushi tries to contact backup, Kunikida faces Akutagawa, though their battle is interrupted as the police arrive.

The cabbie is handed to the police, while the group heads to the supposed meeting place with the traffickers. The building turns out to be the Azure King's hideout years ago, where he had blown himself up together with five detectives after his location was given to the police by Kunikida. One of the detectives was Rokuzō's father, and Kunikida believes himself liable for setting the bomb off due to his report. At that point, they receive a request to disarm a bomb from a client, who turns out to be the Azure Messenger.

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Light Novel and Anime Differences

  • The events with the Azure Messenger in the novel take place before Atsushi's entrance to the Agency. Hence, the light novel mostly features only Kunikida and a newcomer Dazai during their investigations, as compared to the anime that incorporates Atsushi into certain events.
  • In the light novel, Dazai recklessly drives Kunikida and the cabbie towards the abandoned hospital midway their travel.[1] In this episode, the cabbie drives the two along with Atsushi to their destination, though it is hinted that the cabbie drove them recklessly as seen on Dazai's and Atsushi's reactions in the backseat.
  • The light novel features Kunikida activating his ability to create a flashlight out of relative fright due to the darkness of the hospital,[1] while he does not do so in this episode.
  • After Kunikida saves Sasaki from drowning, in the light novel, she guides him and Dazai to where the other trapped people in the hospital were.[1] In this episode, the three look for the others on their own, ending with Atsushi finding them.
  • In the light novel, Kunikida willingly shows Dazai his ideal woman's qualities,[1] while this episode shows Dazai snatching (offscreen) his notebook to let Atsushi know about Kunikida's ideal woman.


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