Teaching Them to Kill; Then to Die (人を殺して 死ねよとて, Hito o Koroshite Shine yo To te?) is the 8th episode of Bungo Stray Dogs anime series. It aired on May 26, 2016.


Dazai goes missing, but the Agency operatives feel it's just business as usual. Meanwhile, Atsushi accompanies Akiko Yosano on a shopping expedition, where they are suddenly plunged into the middle of a terrorist bomb threat by one of the Port Mafia...


Atsushi encounters a girl in kimono.

Dazai is approached by a young girl, who activates her Ability in the middle of the streets. The next day, Atsushi tells the Agency that Dazai has gone missing, but they think that he is merely on a typical excursion. Later, Yosano arrives and greets Atsushi, who is instantly left alone by his colleagues. She then asks him to accompany her on a shopping trip, where he ends up carrying a pile of her purchases. Along the way, Atsushi encounters a girl in a kimono, with whom he exchanges glances.

Yosano faces the bomber.

As they ride the train, Yosano advises Atsushi to be careful at night, especially from the mafia's surprise attacks. At that moment, the train "conductor" announces an experiment, which turns out to be a bombing incident. After the explosion, the conductor calls on Atsushi to surrender himself; Yosano and Atsushi agree to catch the culprit and split up to locate the bombs. As Yosano heads to the front car, she meets the bomber, Motojirō Kajii of the Port Mafia. Atsushi goes to the rear car and sees the girl he met earlier, who receives instructions on the phone to protect the bomb at all costs. She activates Demon Snow and slashes Atsushi. Kyōka Izumi introduces herself to him, stating that she has killed 35 people in six months.

Yosano is on the brink of death due to repetitive bombings, while Atsushi is unable to fight the girl's Ability, wondering if he, alongside the passengers, would die. However, he remains resolute to protect the passengers despite his formidable foe. After being showered with lemon bombs, Yosano retaliates against Kajii thanks to Thou Shalt Not Die, her Ability that allows her to heal any external wounds, including her own, during near-death experiences.

Atsushi saves Kyōka.

Meanwhile, Atsushi partially taps Beast Beneath the Moonlight, enabling him to defend himself from Demon Snow's attacks. As he reaches for her throat and asks where the bomb is, Kyōka reveals the bomb strapped inside her kimono. Yosano tells Atsushi through the PA that the bomb has a remote detonator that can disarm the bomb. Kyōka reluctantly hands it to him, and Atsushi presses it, only for it to continue ticking. According to the man on her phone, it cannot actually be stopped and tells her to die to show Port Mafia's fearful might. To stop the bomb, Kyōka pushes herself from the train, but Atsushi activates his Ability to remove the bomb and save her.

Akutagawa, the voice who had been instructing Kyōka, disconnects from his phone. Before him stands the shackled Dazai.

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Manga and Anime Differences

  • In the manga, when Atsushi reports that Dazai has gone missing, Kunikida says that he might be in the river, Kenji thinks he might be in the earth again, and Ranpo conjectures that he might be detained somewhere.[1] In this episode, only Kunikida's guess remains similar to his guess in the chapter, while Kenji suggests that he might be locked up, and Ranpo guesses that he went off somewhere with a woman.
    • Interestingly, as Ranpo guesses in both media, Dazai is detained (by the Port Mafia) and has presumably gone with a woman (Kyōka).


  • The title refers to a line from Thou Shalt Not Die, a poem written by Akiko Yosano.


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