The Beauty is Quiet Like a Stone Statue (うつくしき人は寂として石像の如く, Utsukushiki Hito wa Sabi Toshite Sekizō Nogotoku?) is the 9th episode of Bungo Stray Dogs anime series. It aired on June 02, 2016.


Kyōka was made into an assassin by those who abused her ability, and Atsushi can't help but feel sympathy toward her. Unable to turn her into the military police, Atsushi ends up taking her out on a date. Meanwhile, Akutagawa is busy berating his former supervisor—Dazai.


Kunikida and Atsushi treat Kyōka some boiled tofu per her request.

At the Agency's infirmary, Kunikida and Atsushi interrogate Kyōka, but she requests them to get her some boiled tofu at Tachibana Temple. After Kyōka eats voraciously, she tells them how she was recruited by the Port Mafia due to her Ability and that Akutagawa manipulates Demon Snow through her phone. Kunikida takes his leave to make his report at the Agency, while he instructs Atsushi to hand the girl to the police. However, he is hesitant to surrender her without giving her a chance.

Meanwhile, Dazai is visited by his former apprentice, Akutagawa. The mafioso threatens him, but Dazai degrades him in return. Besides his past mentee's crude behavior and useless Ability, Dazai claims that his new subordinate is far superior than Akutagawa himself, much to the latter's wrath.

Akutagawa captures Atsushi.

Atsushi strolls with Kyōka, undecided whether to bring her to the police or not. In the end, he unwittingly takes her on a date all around Yokohama. Finally, she requests to go with him to the police station, accepting whatever her fate would be amidst Atsushi's reluctance. Suddenly, Atsushi is stabbed from behind by Rashōmon. Akutagawa and the Port Mafia arrive; he explains that a transmitter is implanted in her that traced their whereabouts. Atsushi is captured, and Akutagawa brings Kyōka back to their base.

Back at the Agency, all staff are occupied due to a ministry staff escort request. Tanizaki reports about Atsushi's abduction, but Kunikida and Ranpo state various reasons why they should prioritize their request rather than retrieving Atsushi. Miffed with their reasonings, Naomi brings Fukuzawa to the room in order to settle things. The President orders for their current task to be suspended and to instead bring back their newest subordinate immediately.

Chūya asks Dazai his motives for allowing himself to be captured.

Still detained, Dazai is visited by Port Mafia executive and former partner, Chūya Nakahara. After the two exchange hostile pleasantries, Chūya asks why Dazai let himself be caught, but Dazai feigns to have any other schemes other than awaiting his execution. In the end, Chūya cuts off his shackles and demands to fight him.

The Agency scrambles in an effort to locate Atsushi, but Ranpo remains adamant to help in their search. They locate the company owner of the truck who might know about Atsushi's whereabouts. Tanizaki heads to the truck's site and infiltrates the building, only to find the people killed. Fukuzawa turns to Ranpo, who, after the President successfully persuades him to help, deduces that Atsushi is on a vessel traveling towards the open sea. Fukuzawa tosses the Agency high-speed vessel's keys to Kunikida and orders him to retrieve Atsushi.

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