Falling Camellia (落椿, Ochi Tsubaki?) is the ability of Ryūrō Hirotsu.[1]


When activated, Falling Camellia generates strong repulsion on things he touches with his palm.[2] It has been shown that his ability is powerful enough to stop and bend steel pipes, break doors open,[1] and even cleave swords with a single touch.[3] When used on a human body, besides launching it, the ability can also cause the bones of the target to break and get deformed.[1]

Notably, Hirotsu can only apply a force opposite to the contact surface of the target he touched, which makes his ability quite incompatible to Chūya Nakahara's gravity manipulation. In the past, it is hinted that the ability required Hirotsu to remove his gloves and can be used with his right palm,[2] though it is shown in his later years that he can activate his ability even with his gloves worn,[1][4] and he is also shown being able to activate the ability with his left palm in addition to his right palm.[3]


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The ability is a reference to Falling Camellia (落椿, Ochi Tsubaki?), which was written by the real-life Ryurō Hirotsu in 1894.[5] The work is considered a tragic novel (悲惨小説, hisan shōsetsu?), a genre whose creation is attributed to Hirotsu[6] and a theme used in most of his works. The work mainly depicts the dark parts and miseries of citizens living in the lower-class society.[7][8]


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