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"Power is not meant for saving the weak. Why you ask? Because making money is all about exploiting them. Even if you use that money to help the powerless, it's simply one more jaunt around the revolving door. Power must be used for loftier goals."

— Fitzgerald to Atsushi[1]

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald (フランシス・スコット・キー・フィッツジェラルド, Furanshisu Sukotto Kī Fittsujerarudo?) is the latest leader of the American organization known as the Guild until its eventual dissolution and split, upon which he currently leads the Renewed Guild. His ability name is known as The Great Fitzgerald.


Fitzgerald is a tall and slender man who has short combed blonde hair, and clear blue eyes. He wears a properly buttoned pink shirt with a tie, and creamy yellow tailored suit and trousers. When his ability is activated, green tattoo-like stripes appear all over his body and outfit.

After the Guild war, he wears a brown suit over his black long sleeve polo shirt and a cream colored tie. [3]


Being the wealthy person that he is, Fitzgerald is very proud, boasting about his fortunes very often. He is extremely arrogant and possesses a lot of confidence in himself.

He dislikes when his offers are rejected. But he is a determined man who would do anything in order to get what he wants.

Nevertheless, he is not outright evil, because it's seen that he cares about his subordinates, always taking the best course of action for their safety, and he does even more for his family, caring genuinely about his beloved wife and his deceased daughter.


Main article: The Great Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald's ability, The Great Fitzgerald (華麗なるフィッツジェラルド, Kareinaru Fittsujerarudo?) allows Fitzgerald to gain more physical power according to the money he spent; while the final battle over the Moby Dick, Francis showed strength, speed, agility, and endurance far beyond the human level. Simply by throwing off his cheques is also counted as 'spending' his wealth and activating his ability. It is noted that to activate his ability, it is not restricted to his own wealth, or even to something that cont as money itself, like a wedding ring.

Francis is also a moderated hand-to-hand fighter, as showed against Atsushi and Akutagawa when he combated just bare hands.

The Great Fitzgerald (華麗なるフィッツジェラルド, Kareinaru Fittsujerarudo?)
Fitzgerald activating his ability.gif Manga Debut: Chapter 34
Anime Debut: Episode 23
Ability: Monetary empowerment


Fitzgerald mentions that "before being rich," implying that he was poor, he worked for two whole years in order to buy a gun; later, he killed four people to get more money. [4]

At some point, he married a woman named Zelda and had a daughter. Nevertheless, his daughter died, and unable to accept this, Zelda fell ill and still believes that she's still studying abroad. Resolved to bring her back to life with the power of the Book, he plans to raid Yokohama in order to find it to bring happiness to his family once again. [1]

It is known that he is the owner of three conglomerates and five hotels under his name; and an airline, and a railway company. [5]


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The Guild Arc
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Kamui Revelation Arc


  • (to Kyōka Izumi) "Though I haven't known you for long, heed this counsel spoken from my own experience: saving people doesn't suit you. As for what does… You already know that don't you?"[6]
  • (to Louisa May Alcott) "Every single thing in here belongs to me! The ship, the pen, even the blinds on the windows! And that naturally includes you and my other subordinates as well! So from now on, I won't let any of my subordinates die. I... own you, and I have the right to protect you!" [6]
  • (to Atsushi Nakajima) "Tiger beetle, do tell me. Is there anything in this world worth sacrificing for besides your own family? I will find the book and resurrect my daughter... I will make it a reality! I will bring back my family! No matter the price I must pay, I'll dish out my entire fortune down to the last penny!"[7]
  • (to Louisa May Alcott) "I'm on the side of the strong. I'm a man who joins the team that seems like it'll win. And in this battle, the Detective Agency will win."[8]


  • The name Francis is of latin origin and means "free man".
  • The middle name Scott is of Old English origin meaning "Scottsman".
  • The middle name Key is of latin origin and means "rejoice".
  • The surname Fitzgerald is of Old French origin meaning "Son of the Spear-Ruler".


Main article: Real-life References#Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald
Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald (September 24, 1896 – December 21, 1940)
FitzgeraldRL Thumbnail.png
Known for his great book "The Great Gasby", Fitzgerald was born to an upper-middle class family and demonstrated interest in writing at an early age. He wrote short stories for magazines and was prone to periods of financial difficulty due to his opulent lifestyle. His writing expresses the decadence and lavishness of the Rearing Twenties, as well as its tragic repurcussions. [9]


  • He shares many similarities with Jay Gatsby, the protagonist from Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby:
    • Both characters are arrogant, overly optimistic, and flawed but are nonetheless, determined and hardworking in order to obtain what they desire.
    • Both made a fortune but it is unknown where it came from, other than the commits of illegal activities.
    • Both use money as their power to get what they want.
    • Both end some of their sentences by "old sport".
  • Zelda, was in real life, the actual Fitzgerald's wife.
    • Both Zelda's also fell ill with serious afflictions.


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