Great Old One (旧支配者, Kyū Shihai-sha?) is a non-ability that activates Howard Phillips Lovecraft's eldritch form.[1]


Great Old One allows Lovecraft to transform either a part or his whole body into an eldritch monster with tentacles. As such, he can contort his body parts, and his eyes notably become wider and almost blank. He can also sprout numerous tentacles dotted with suction cups and holes along their surface at random intervals, is undefined in length, and anywhere from his body.

Lovecraft's true form appears as a humongous, tentacled entity with wings and a pair of glowing, seeming eyes. In this state, he is only vulnerable from the inside. Since this power is not an ability, Osamu Dazai is unable to nullify it.[2]


  • Mental Immunity: Lovecraft is immune to any, if not all, mental-based ability.[3]
  • Enhanced Durability: Lovecraft can survive injuries and wound causes that would be instantly lethal to a normal human, including but are not limited to dislocation, skeleton fracture, and point-blank explosions.
  • Healing Factor: Lovecraft can heal from wounds that are considerably lethal to an average human.
  • Regeneration: Lovecraft can regenerate his limbs even after a powerful attack. To note, he can almost instantly regenerate while in his true form.[2]


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The ability is a reference to Great Old Ones, a group of horrific extraterrestial beings in H. P. Lovecraft's classic short story, The Call of Cthulhu.[4]


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