Hail in the Begging Bowl (鉄鉢 (てっぱつ)の中へも (あられ), Teppatsu no Naka he mo Arare?) is the ability of Santōka Taneda.[1]


Hail in the Begging Bowl allows Taneda to see through the nature of someone's ability immediately if activated near him. For instance, he was able to understand how the information exchange ability of Sigma works upon meeting up with him during the hostage incident orchestrated by the Decay of Angels. Moreover, as stated by Ango Sakaguchi, Taneda's ability helped the Special Division for Unusual Powers bury countless of malevolent and hostile ability users.[2][3]


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Decay of Angels Arc


The real-life Santōka Taneda wrote several free-verse haiku compositions, in which one of the short phrases he had written was "hail in the begging bowl" (鉄鉢 (てっぱつ)の中へも (あられ), teppatsu no naka he mo arare?).[note 1][4][5] The phrase is a reference to Taneda's viewpoint towards nature as a mendicant Zen priest, in which he described in one of his haikus the exhausting physical experience of being exposed to blazing suns, freezing winds, and even hailstones entering his begging bowl.[6]

This phrase was later used as the title of an essay by James Abrams on Taneda's life and spiritual journey entitled Hail in the Begging Bowl: The Odyssey and Poetry of Santōka.[5]


  1. As translated by James Abrams, the haiku verse specifically reads:
         Into my metal bowl too,


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