Herbert George Wells (ハーバート・ジョージ・ウェルズ, Hābāto Jōji Weruzu?) is a character featured in the light novel Bungo Stray Dogs: 55 Minutes.


Wells is a young woman with long, blond hair and light eyes. She wears a black suit over a white button-up shirt and a plaid-printed tie. She completes the outfit with black gloves.



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Wells's ability, Time Machine (タイムマシン, Taimu mashin?) allows her to manipulate time itself. She can send an individual back in time with the use of her camera, but this is limited to 55 minutes or 3300 seconds. Also, she is only able to transport someone to the past once; she is unable to transport the same person to the past twice.

Originally, Wells is only able to transport a person to the past limited to several minutes, but after being utilized by "Gab" for countless of times, it was extended to 55 minutes.


She worked as an engineer for England in ability-weapon development.


She was on Standard Island, a mechanical, man-made island floating on the sea; a joint effort made by 3 countries, Germany, France, and England. Her presence there is to find the bomb that is about to be utilized.

Later, just as the bomb exploded, Wells who had regained back her ability saved Atsushi from his death. She then transports Atsushi's consciousness (while keeping his true body in her dimension) to the 55 minutes in the past to stop the bomb from exploding once more.

Dazai snuffed out the plan, which made Atsushi revealed Wells' plan to stop the bomb.



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