Herman Melville

Herman pro


Kanji ハーマン・メルビル
Rōmaji Hāman Merubiru
Personal Information
Birthday August 1 (Leo)
Age 68
Gender Male
Weight 86 kg
Blood Type O
Eye Color gray
Hair Color white
Likes Whales, the sea, equality, diversity
Dislikes Prejudice, class systems
Professional Information
Status Active
Ability Moby Dick
Occupation Guild leader (former)
Guild member (former)
Affiliation The Guild (former)
Manga Debut Chapter 18
Anime Debut Episode 17
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Takayuki Sugou
English Voice John DeMita
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Herman Melville (ハーマン・メルビル, Hāman Merubiru?) was a member of The Guild and his ability is Moby Dick.




Moby Dick (白鯨, Hakugei?) takes form in what appears to be a mechanical white whale that is able to float on the sky. However, Melville mentions that Moby Dick is in fact, a living being; one who freely roamed in the sky. Nevertheless, The Guild turned it into an air fortress, with more than the 70% of it being modified. Because of this, he no longer had control of the whale.

It is indicated that Melville's ability also involves creating volant white whales instead of simply controlling them. This is seen when Ango takes Herman to interrogate him regarding the Guild, and a white whale similar to Moby-Dick (however much smaller in scale) was left on the bench he was sitting on.


It is stated by Ango, that Melville was one of the first members to join The Guild, when the organization was in its prime, being described by him as 'beautiful'. It is later discovered that Melville was actually the Guild's leader two generations before Fitzgerald's reign.


Melville is first appears in Chapter 18 along with the other Guild members.

In Chapter 27, he appears along with Fitzgerald as they capture Atsushi. He then summons Moby Dick and they escape.

In Chapter 33, when Atsushi was looking for the control terminal on Moby Dick he spoke to Melville. Melville tells Atsushi that everyone has fled.

In Chapter 36, he tells Atsushi and Akutagawa that someone from the outside has seized Moby Dick and that it is no use to try stop it.

Melville's last known appearance was in Chapter 37, when Ango questions him.


  • Moby Dick is the fictional white whale and the main antagonist for which Herman Melville's 1851 novel Moby-Dick is titled.

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