Jules Garbiel Verne (ジュール・ガブリエル・ヴェルヌ, Jūru Gaburieru Verunu ?) is a character featured in the light novel, 55 Minutes. He is one of the inhabitants of Standard Island, as the island itself is the form of his ability.  

Verne later died due to his own ability consuming him, and his ability lives on as 'Gab' before being destroyed by Atsushi Nakajima and Ryunosuke Akutagawa.  


Verne's true appearance is a young and tall man. However, he absorbed the appearance of a person named "Gab", a tourist on the Standard island, and used the ability he absorbed long ago to manipulate age and appearance to transform into a young teenager.



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Verne's ability, The Mysterious Island (神秘の島, Shinpi no Shima?), allows him to absorb the abilities from any ability-user who died on Standard Island; thus he was able to use Well's Time Machine ability - which then "Gab" (his ability living as Verne) utilize for uncountable times, resulting in Standard Island to be trapped in a time loop. This caused the ability (Time Machine) to break its initial capabilities from several minutes into 55 minutes or 3300 seconds.

Later, it was known that Verne died as his ability took over his being; living as "Gab".


Verne lost his parents at war. At some point, a certain organization called "The Seven Traitors" discovered his skill and took him in.

While working for the "The Seven Traitors", he defeated numerous special forces and assassins with abilities, only to absorb their abilities and become even stronger.


Jules Verne met H.G. Wells during the latter's search for the ability bomb on the island. He assisted Wells in the search, but Wells was killed, resulting in his ability to absorb Wells' ability.

Verne, who had gained the Time Machine's ability, decided to go back to the past where Wells is still alive, but it all ends the same. This caused Jules to break down, and his ability took him over, thus killing him but living on as a new being, named 'Gab'. Gab then traps Standard Island into a time loop.


  • Jules Verne is the first known victim who is 'killed' by his own ability.
  • His ability is possibly the first one showing the 'limit break' of ability, as what he (and later Gab) did to Wells' ability - Time Machine.
  • When Dazai dies on the island, No Longer Human nullifies the ability-absorbing capability, thus 'returning' Time Machine to H.G. Wells.


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