Karma Transit (カルマ トランジット, Karuma Toranjitto?) is the organization jointly responsible for kidnapping Atsushi Nakajima, with the Port Mafia using one of their trucks to transport him.


They are a pack of smugglers posing as a delivery outfit. They also forge vehicle license plates. The organization started off in the trafficking industry until booming as a logistics firm.[1]


Armed Detective Agency vs. Port Mafia Arc

Karma Transit members killed off by Akutagawa.

The Mafia uses one of Karma Transit's trucks to kidnap Atsushi. When Jun'ichirō Tanizaki is on the standby on their site, Tanizaki learns that the members on the site were killed by Ryunosuke Akutagawa to prevent them from telling information about Atsushi's whereabouts.[1]

After the other members were killed, Karma Transit vows revenge on Akutagawa and employs a foreign mercenary group to kill him. Nonetheless, though the group is able to abduct Akutagawa while comatose, Ichiyō Higuchi heads out to eliminate them, until they are all killed by the Black Lizard when they rescue Higuchi.[2]


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