Kyūsaku Yumeno (夢野 久作, Yumeno Kyūsaku?) is a member of the Port Mafia. Their ability is Dogra Magra.


They wear a mini hat in a diagonal position. They wear a white shirt and suspenders with a black coat with a scarf around their neck, along with shorts with thin red stripes, and brown shoes with high white socks that reach their calves. It is shown that Q carries a sling bag with an animal picture. Q always carries their doll, vital to their ability.

Q's hair is divided in half down the middle, with the left half being white, and the right is black. Their eyes are peculiar, with the right pupil being a solid yellow star, and the left being a yellow ellipse that is dark blue in the middle, the same color as their irises.


Although a child, Q has a twisted, sadistic personality, and revels in the carnage Dogra Magra creates. They can play the partharmless, innocent, harmless child, but are quick to 180 into their darkest nature. Their sadism led to their confinement thanks to Dazai, and now Q intends on "breaking" everyone and everything to make Dazai suffer the worst pain imaginable.

Q, when not under lockdown, seems fairly independent, and indulges in normal activities of children their age, but in most cases is far from helpless.

After the Guild abducts them, Q suffers extreme physical and emotional trauma, ensnared in John Steinbeck's ability, spread throughout Yokohama, and thus forced to feel every inch of pain that the trees "feel". The pain overwhelms Q, to the point they snap and curse the entire city. Their breakdown drives them to question God's love for everyone and reveals their own intense hatred for humanity, themselves, and their ability, which they never asked for.


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Their ability, Dogra Magra (ドグラ・マグラ, Dogura Magura?), is a mind control curse that curses his targets or 'receivers' by ravaging their consciousness with hallucinations, causing them to attack everyone in sight with no regard on whom they might be; allies or foes, friends or enemies.[4] The 'receivers' are those that "hurt Q", by bumping into Q and causing the razor blades taped to their arms to cut into them. This curse is triggered by mutilating a doll that they carry, which is the source. A blotch in the shape of a hand print appears on the body of the cursed individual. After the doll is mutilated, it apparently regenerates. Thus far, the only way to stop Q's curse is with No Longer Human.

Dogra Magra (ドグラ・マグラ, Dogura Magura?)
Q activates their ability.png Manga Debut: Chapter 25
Anime Debut: Episode 19
Ability: Madness Inducement


Q joined the Port Mafia shortly after Osamu Dazai, who is tasked with finding out the child's ability. It's implied Ōgai Mori kept them under his watch.[3] Due to an unknown incident that led to a massive amount of mafia casualties, Dazai had Q locked away.[4]


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  • Q's demented nature, the hallucinations their ability causes, and their dislike of hospitals all stem from the novel Dogra Magra, featuring an amnesiac psychiatric patient that endures surreal, horrific experiences and experiments in an asylum.
  • In the same way that Edgar Allan Poe inspired Ranpo Edogawa in real life, H. P. Lovecraft inspired Kyūsaku Yumeno in real life.
  • Q's gender is not specified and unlike the fanon belief, they're not confirmed to be non-binary. Any pronouns can be used with them, the most common used being They/them.


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