Lemonade (檸檬爆弾 (レモネード), Remonēdo?) is the ability of Motojirō Kajii.[1]


Lemonade prevents Kajii from being harmed, injured, and affected by lemon-shaped bombs, which he makes himself. This allows him to survive any explosion caused by his lemon bombs regardless of his distance from the blast. Because of his apparently absolute defense from his lemon bomb explosions, Kajii typically uses this to his advantage in attacking bases and enemies, capable of sinking an entire ship once.[2]


  • Lemon Runway (檸檬花道, Remon Hanamichi?): One type of Kajii's ability in which the road he walks is lined with explosions. Because his ability grants him immunity from his lemon bombs, Kajii is unaffected by the high-caliber explosions that are difficult to survive, let alone to evade in time. As a result, his fellow mafiosi make the necessary preparations and notify one another to prevent getting in contact with Kajii when he uses Lemon Runway for their safety.[3]


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The ability is a reference to Lemon (檸檬, Remon?) by Motojirō Kajii in 1924. It is a collection of short stories and is considered as his first doujinshi. The collection's representative work, also eponymously entitled "Lemon", narrates the story of an ailing protagonist's aimless wandering throughout Kyoto until he reaches a fruit stall and buys a single lemon. As he stops by his favorite shop that sells picture albums, he places a time bomb in his lemon and detonates it at the shop's illustrations and works of art, making him feel the excitement of blasting a lemon bomb.[4]


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