Light Snow (細雪, Sasame Yuki?) is the ability of Jun'ichirō Tanizaki.[2]


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Light Snow allows Tanizaki to create illusions within the range of a projected screen of snowfall, typically to conceal himself and other intended targets. His body can be overwritten within the scenery near him, which prevents others to see or locate him; he can later emerge out of his screen at will and unscathed from prior attacks, if any, in most cases.[3] Moreover, Tanizaki can extend the use of his ability to camouflage other equipment, such as cameras to render him invisible from the footage[1] and a small helicopter for reconnaissance missions.[4] In general, Ryūrō Hirotsu once noted that his ability is highly suited for infiltration and assassination missions due to its stealth-natured advantages.

Golden Demon slashes through Light Snow, whose successive attacks later corner Tanizaki despite his hidden presence.

However, Light Snow's screen does not erase Tanizaki's physical body within his ability range, so he can still be affected by external attacks should they come in contact with him. One instance is when Kōyō Ozaki used Golden Demon to slash through the immediate surroundings of Light Snow, which ultimately corners Tanizaki and leaves him vulnerable despite being visibly hidden from the naked eye.

Tanizaki can also create multiple tangible projections of himself simultaneously within the range of his snowfall screen. These projections are vulnerable to attacks such as gunshots and other abilities after which they would dissipate, while Tanizaki would utilize this instance as a diversion to hide his real presence. Hence, this tactic is practically efficient in escaping from an enemy base, utilizing his clones as decoys for him to flee almost always undetected. His illusory screen can also alter its physical surroundings, as shown when Tanizaki once projected a snowfall screen and switched the positions of Hirotsu, Michizō Tachihara, and Gin Akutagawa in the process.[1] Furthermore, he can create projections of other people, whether individually[5] or as a group.[1]



The ability is a reference to The Makioka Sisters (細雪, Sasame Yuki?, literally "Light Snow"), a novel by Jun'ichirō Tanizaki serialized from 1943 to 1948. It tells the story of the wealthy Makioka family and their attempts to find a spouse for their third sister as their fortunes and reputation gradually decline.[6]


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