Little Women (若草物語, Wakakusa Monogatari?) is the ability of Louisa May Alcott.[1]


Little Women is a time-based ability that enables Louisa to make time pass at 1/8000th of regular speed, though only when she is alone in a private room. For instance, three minutes in real time can be relatively equivalent to almost two months' worth of preparation and strategizing time for Louisa when she uses her ability.

Coupled with her intellectual prowess, the ability allows Louisa to come up with a multitude of plans – some amounting to more or less 80 plans per occasion – for the Guild's undertakings and, later, for Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald after the organization's dissolution and split. Notably, Fitzgerald initially thought that Louisa's ability is a predictive skill that can find the probability of all strategic developments and how to deal with possible future outcomes, though she never corrected his misconception.[2]

As the Guild's erstwhile tactician during its arrival in Yokohama, Louisa strategized various proposals on how to locate a certain book hidden deep within the town. In the end, they executed her emergency plan (緊急プラン, kinkyū puran?), otherwise referred to as the Yokohama Incineration Operation (横浜焼却作戦, Yokohama Shōkyaku Sakusen?).[3] Later, following her reunion with the penniless Fitzgerald, Louisa wrote at least 82 proposals on how to gather resources back from scratch in their process of rebuilding the Guild.[4][5] Louisa also wrote 78 proposals in response to the deal with Atsushi Nakajima when he sought Fitzgerald's help in trying to prove the Armed Detective Agency's innocence from being accused and framed of terrorism. Seventy-four of these proposals included selling the Agency's whereabouts to the military police in an attempt to clear her and Fitzgerald's slates after being watched by the government ever since the sinking of Moby Dick. However, Fitzgerald ultimately chose one of the remaining four plans and decided not to sell the Agency to the military police. In the end, the details and implementation of the chosen proposal were not disclosed due to the Hunting Dogs' intervention.[6]


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The ability is a reference to Little Women by Louisa May Alcott in 1868 and 1869 which is published in two volumes. It is about the story of the lives of the four March sisters and their journey from childhood to womanhood. It is considered as Alcott's semi-autobiographical novel.[7]



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