Louisa May Alcott (ルイーザ・メイ・オルコット, Ruīza Mei Orukotto?) is a member of The Guild whose ability is named Little Women.[2]


Louisa has short, light brown hair that ends above her shoulders in subtle waves, and splits apart her bangs in the middle of her forehead. Over her head, she wears a dark brown ribbon tied on both sides of her head. Her eyes are green and she wears rounded, black glasses. 

Louisa wears a white blouse with ruffles beneath the bust and at the end of her sleeves.  Over this, she covers her shoulders with a cream-coloured shawl featuring an elaborate print of tree branches and leaves, and tassels on the hem.  Below, she has a light mahogany skirt with black fasteners at the top, black-and-white tights with a diamond pattern, and simple, low grey boots.[3]  


A shy, introverted woman, Alcott has been shown to have a bit of social anxiety, having been afraid of a stranger attempting to talk to her. She does seem to be quite intelligent, however, as she is the only and most notably, greatest tactician for The Guild.

She is such a great tactician that she seems to be able to understand what the Armed Detective Agency would do with the information given by Edgar Allan Poe without knowing anyone among the said organization.

She has been shown to possess incredible loyalty and faith in her chosen leader and refused to give up information on Francis even when she was threatened with bodily harm.


Main article: Little Women

Louisa May's ability, Little Women (若草物語, Wakakusa Monogatari?) allows her to make time pass at 1/8000th of regular speed, but only while thinking alone in a private room.[4] As the Guild's prized strategist, Fitzgerald considered her one of the most powerful ability users of the Guild.[5]

Ability Traits

  • Enhanced Intelligence: She is a brilliant tactician. She has been shown to be able to accurately predict the actions of both the Armed Detective Agency and the Port Mafia despite not even having met them.

With her intelligence and her power, she can write plans for every likely scenario to keep the Guild one step ahead of its enemies.


Not much is known about Alcott's past, the two things being that she has a mother and father at home and that something in her past has caused her to have low self-esteem.


The Guild Arc

Alcott first appears while making her way to Fitzgerald's office. One of the guards approaches her asking whether or not she needs help which gives her a shock. She then hurries on into Fitzgerald's room to discuss a plan regarding the war. [6]

Later on, Alcott is seen to be working until Fitzgerald bursts into her room demanding the Emergency Plan. [7]

After the announcement of the incineration plan by Fitzgerald, she is seen along with Steinbeck, Twain, and Montgomery driving away in a car. [8]

After the fall of Moby Dick, she is seen along with the other Guild members discussing the organization's fate. [9]

The Guild Aftermath Arc

After the Guild War, she is later on seen in the slums of a foreign country searching for Fitzgerald. [10]


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  • Her ability name and what it supposedly does may be a reference to the many books written under the title of Little Women.


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