Lucy Maud Montgomery (ルーシー・モード・モンゴメリ, Rūshī Mōdo Mongomeri?) is a former member of the American organization known as the Guild. Her ability is known as Anne of Abyssal Red.


Lucy is a pale-skinned girl with a short and slim build. Her eyes are green and her long dark red hair is styled into two thick braids with choppy bangs and a white flower hairpiece on the left side of her head. She also has braces, though not clearly visible in the manga.

She has a scar on her right arm that she obtained during her time at the orphanage from a hot iron poker .[2]


Due to her poor treatment at the orphanage along with treated as only a pawn by the Guild, she has a very twisted personality. However, outside of this, she comes off as haughty and rude to hide her true character. After her defeat at the hands of Atsushi, it is implied that she has developed feelings for him, as he was one of the few to show his true kindness and concern for her well-being.


The ability, Anne of Abyssal Red (深淵の赤毛のアン, Shin'en no Akage no An?), allows her to create an alternate reality known as "Anne's Room", in which people are imprisoned if they get caught by Anne the Monster while playing hide-and-seek.

  • Exit Door: The room contains a door that leads back into the real world. This door is open and anyone can enter it. Once someone exits through this door, all their memories of their time in the room will vanish.
  • Prison Door: This door leads to the prison that Lucy keeps all captives in. The door is locked and must be opened with a special key. When Anne catches someone, several giant long hands will reach out of the door and reach across the room to pull the caught person into the room.
    • The Prison: The prison room holds Lucy's captives. The held prisoners are unconscious as long as they are inside. It's supposedly impossible to escape through force once you're inside. The hands that reach out are inside the prison room, often holding the prisoners. Detainees can only be freed by opening the door or through Lucy ending the ability.
    • The Key: The key that is needed to open the door is extraordinarily hard to use. It morphs the instant someone attempts to use it, and Lucy herself stated that she doesn't know how to use it. The key has yet to be successfully used.
  • Anne: Anne is a giant monster with immense strength and speed. Anne hasn't been shown physically harming anyone, only capturing them so far. It is revealed that Lucy can have at least two copies of Anne active at once. The exact properties of Anne have not been revealed.


Lucy grew up in an orphanage where she was treated harshly as she would have to wash dishes all day long with aching hands and wear the same clothes made from patched up leftovers for a year.

She mentions that she was called a "freak" because of her ability, and later on, was taken into the Guild because of her ability.


The Guild Arc

Lucy is first shown accompanying Fitzgerald during their visit to the Armed Detective Agency. After the meeting, Kenji was ordered to send them off and he was nowhere to be seen as the three Guild members stepped out of the elevator, which was Lucy's doings.[3]

Lucy then appears on the Moby Dick. Later on, she taunts Atsushi who is imprisoned in a cell but then helps him escape and asks him to come back one day to save her. [2]

After the Guild members evacuated from the Moby Dick, she is seen tied up and being escorted out of a helicopter by Twain. She then along with the other Guild members are seen driving away in a car. [4]

The Guild Aftermath Arc

After the Guild war, she is seen with a metal box, but when she sees Atsushi she runs away. Later on, she comes out as the new waitress of a cafe and throws the metal box at Atsushi while blushing. [5]

She is later seen glaring at Atsushi and Kyōka as they enter the cafe. She takes their orders and gives a dispatch for Kyouka, a report about her parents. But one page of the report is missing and they go out to find it. Lucy turns out to have the missing page and throws it into a river for Atsushi to catch. Atsushi finds the page but gets tangled in a bunch of chains. Lucy then jumps into the river to save him. [6]

Cannibalism Arc


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  • Lucy shares her birthday with another Guild member, Mark Twain, on November 30.
  • Lucy shares some similarities with Anne from the real-life Lucy Maud Montgomery's novel, Anne of Green Gables:
    • Both are orphans who enjoy speaking and dreaming.
    • Both have red hair that is tied behind them in pigtails.
  • Lucy is the only member of the Guild with a Canadian real-life author counterpart[7] unlike the other Guild members who are all based on American authors.


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