Midwinter Memento (真冬のかたみ, Mafuyu no Katami?) is the ability of Michizō Tachihara.[1]


Midwinter Memento grants Tachihara ferrokinesis or the ability to manipulate metal,[1] which Teruko Okura once mentioned to be well-suited for stealing, altering information, and assassination.[2] This makes him ideal for espionage and stealth operations, as his ability ranges from meticulously breaking through a safe to partially stopping an incoming enemy aircraft.[1]

Yosano holds a metal mannequin secretly controlled by Tachihara.

Tachihara usually utilizes his ability on his weapons during combat, including his Hunting Dogs saber, his guns, and even a boat to attack his target. He can undetectably control a metal mannequin to move and behave like a human, and, from behind the scenes, he can stop bullets from damaging it and to have it "control" his Hunting Dogs sword.[3][4] Moreover, he was able to stop a metal piece in a coin bomb, allowing him to contain a point-blank blast triggered by Sigma.[5]


Tachihara unlocks a metal safe.

  • Metal Manipulation (金属操作 (きんぞくそうさ), Kinzoku Sōsa?): Considered the core of his ability, this allows Tachihara to eponymously manipulate metal objects within his range. He can control them for offensive purposes, such as attacking enemies with his weapons, or for his infiltration missions. To note, one of his specialties is breaking through safes with relative ease, such as a new model of anti-theft safe hidden in the Sky Casino. Despite its high security that would take years for forensic experts to unlock it, Tachihara manages to easily unearth and pry it open thanks to his ability.[5]


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The ability is a reference to the real-life Michizō Tachihara's poem, Midwinter Memento (真冬のかたみに, Mafuyu no Katami ni?). Like most of his works, the work contains imagery of nature and landscapes while conveying the persona's emotions and genuine feelings.[6][7][8]


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