Mimic (ミミック, Mimikku?) was a guerrilla organization from Europe that escaped to Japan after committing a war-crime instigated by the Order of the Clock Tower. It was led by André Gide. Mimic intended to find someone in Japan to kill them as soldiers, as one last bit of solace after facing disgrace and shame.


Mimic previously operated as a powerful guerrilla organization assisting in a previous war going on in Europe years before arriving in Japan. A small unit of roughly 40 Mimic men succeeded in taking down over 600 enemies. However, Mimic found out their attack became a war-crime (it was revealed that these orders were a decoy set up by their country), as the enemy and Mimic's home country intended to arrange the treaty of sorts to end the war. Driven from their home, they eventually infiltrated Japan.

Mimic targeted the Port Mafia, given its infamous reputation as a powerful group with skilled ability users, hoping to find someone who could kill them, a saving grace after being shamed and disgraced. Their methods were extreme, using a spy to infiltrate confidential areas of Port Mafia's turf. Their onslaughts lead their leader, Andre Gide, to Sakunosuke Oda , AKA Odasaku. Amazed by Odasaku's ability, which was nearly identical to his own, Gide urged Odasaku to kill him and his members in an incredible battle. However, insisting he would not kill anyone, Odasaku turned his back on them.

Mimic retaliated by kidnapping the orphans Odasaku took care of, killing them in an explosion in front of him. The shock drove the former assassin to abandon his no-kill policy and dreams of becoming an author for the sake of revenge. Reaching Mimic's hideout, Oda killed all Mimic members. However, during his confrontation with Gide, Oda has killed himself.

Ultimately, Mimic's involvement with Oda's death leads Osamu Dazai to leave Port Mafia, and causes an intense schism between him and Ango Sakaguchi, who went undercover not only as a spy for Mimic but the Special Ability Operations as well.

Known Members

André Gide
André Gide†
Strait is the Gate

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