Minoura (箕浦, Minoura?) is a minor reoccurring character. He is Sugimoto's senior in the police department.


Minoura is a tall man likely in his 40s. He has short black hair and wears a button, a tie, and slacks with a long coat over top. He has a stern expression and has deep wrinkles on his face from it.


He has a very serious personality, especially relating to his work. He's shown to have a somewhat condescending attitude such as when he thought of Ranpo as a "rookie" and told him not to get in the way of his investigation. Although he originally looked down on Ranpo he's shown to be able to accept his mistakes and change his views on others with a more humble attitude towards himself.


Not much is known about his background, but he is the one who succeeded Yasui's position in the police.


Armed Detective Agency vs. Port Mafia Arc

Minoura is found at the investigation scene with Sugimoto by Ranpo and Atsushi. He gives them both the information regarding Yamagiwa's death and says that the police don't need to hand over the investigation to amateurs like the detective agency.

He continues to show disbelief in Ranpo's ability to solve the case and calls his methods ridiculous. He eventually tells Ranpo to show he can solve the case with his ability. After Ranpo reveals Sugimoto as the culprit he initially laughs at the claim until Sugimoto reveals that he really did kill Yamagawa by pulling his gun on Ranpo.

He arrests and interrogates Sugimoto at the police station for details on the crime. After Sugimoto confesses to what happened Minoura confronts Ranpo and apologizes for how he doubted him earlier and thanks to him for his help with the case. [1]

Minoura reappears to deliver documents requested by Kenji regarding the car bomb in the city. While delivering the information he notices Kyōka at the agency and says that she looks similar to a young girl who is on the police wanted list for being a ruthless killer. He starts questioning her about her parents and identification papers. Eventually, Fukuzawa butts in and claims that she is his granddaughter which Minoura believes saying they're "cut from the same cloth". He apologizes and quickly leaves the Agency. [2]


  • Minoura is a detective in Ranpo Edogawa's work Monster Trick.

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