Mirror Lion (鏡獅子, Kagami Jishi?) is the ability of Ōchi Fukuchi.[1]


Mirror Lion allows Fukuchi to enhance and increase the efficiency of any weapon he holds by a hundredfold. This includes any form of material within his reach, including his Hunting Dogs katana,[2] a ship's handrail,[3] someone's fist, and even a stone.[4] For instance, it can launch a sword attack with a twofold force having the lightness of a feather and the cutting ability of a heat beam to the point that its sword swing is almost unnoticeable even for Atsushi Nakajima's tiger-enhanced senses.[2]

As a result, ever since the Great War, Fukuchi has been considered as a living legend due to his efforts in thwarting his opponents in combat mostly with the use of his ability, including exterminating 100,000 experiment "werewolves" in the Republic of Kenya, dueling with a semi-immortal ability user for 50 days,[5] and averting many other global crises countless of times in history.[6] As commanded by the nation during the war, Fukuchi also utilized his ability in the battlefield in massacring and torturing soldiers, civilians, women, and children.[7]

In conjunction with his ability, one of Fukuchi's most preferred weapons is the sacred blade Amenogozen (雨御前 (あめのごぜん),? literally "In the Presence of the Rain"), a blue-bladed katana that he can summon out of thin air whose function was originally for Shinto rituals until he used it in his possession for combat. Dubbed as the "space–time sword", it can pass through airspace to a certain point by a dozen centimeters, but Fukuchi's enhancing ability extends its reaching point far beyond its natural limit.[4] Moreover, it can cut through time and return to the past within a timeframe of a dozen seconds, a feat which essentially assured his victories in combat, particularly throughout his battles in history.[6]


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The ability is a reference to Mirror Lion, a play written by Gen'ichirō Fukuchi. Premiered in 1863 at Kabuki-za Theater, it is a kabuki, a story told in the means of dances and movements. It tells the fantasy story of a young lady-in-waiting named Yayoi who, while practicing a lion dance in time for the New Year celebrations, became strangely engrossed in the task until the spirit of a lion entered into her and gained control over her limbs.[8]



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