Moby Dick (白鯨 (モビー・ディック), Mobī Dikku?) is the ability of Herman Melville.[1] It is also formerly one of the Guild's bases.[2][3]


It is a large aircraft in the shape of a whale, weighing a total mass of 29,000 tons. Herman mentions that Moby Dick is in fact a living being, which once freely roamed in the sky. However, the Guild eventually turned it into an air fortress, with more than 70% of it modified. Because of this, he no longer had control of the whale.

As the former airbase of the Guild, it housed Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald's office,[4] an infirmary,[5] a prison cell,[2] and various other quarters. The weaponized aircraft also had anti-aircraft artillery[2], was equipped with an aerial sensor that was cut off within 130 seconds of receiving a helicopter that transported its regular supplies,[4] and could activate stealth mode.[5]

When dropped from an altitude of two kilometers, Moby Dick was estimated to have a detonation force equivalent to 140 tons of TNT going off in the middle of a city that could create a giant crater. The Guild utilized this destructive potential by planning to crash Moby Dick to Yokohama during their emergency plan in their pursuit of locating a certain book. Considered as their emergency plan's second stage – dubbed as the "Fall of Moby Dick" (白鯨 (モビー・ディック) ()とし Mobī Dikku Otoshi?)[4] – this descent could only be stopped through a terminal switch,[6] but an external party later hacked into Moby Dick's control system and overrode it to continue its descent to Yokohama. In the end, Kyōka Izumi crashed the aircraft she was imprisoned in into Moby Dick mid-air, which sank the latter into Yokohama waters.[7]

It is indicated that Herman's ability also involves creating volant white whales instead of simply controlling them. For instance, when Ango Sakaguchi took Herman for interrogation regarding the Guild, a smaller white whale that resembled Moby Dick emerged from the bench that he sat on.[8]


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The ability is a reference to Moby-Dick or The Whale, which is a novel written by Herman Melville in 1851. It is a narrative of the sailor Ishmael on the quest for revenge of Captain Ahab on the sperm whale known as Moby-Dick that bit off his leg from the knee down during a previous voyage.[9]




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