Motojirō Kajii (梶井 基次郎, Kajii Motojirō?) is a member of Port Mafia and has the ability Lemonade.


Kajii has a tall, slim build and short brown hair with bangs cut at an equal length across his forehead. His eyes are covered by orange goggles. However, a card in the Tales Of The Lost mobile game shows them as dark green.

He dons a worn out, white lab coat with frayed sleeves and hem, underneath he wears a white button-down wrapped with a loose brown belt-like accessory. His coat has many pins, two on the left - one slightly larger yellow one with a face and a smaller black on with a red "X". On the right is an orange pin with an exclamation point, with metallic pins underneath.

He also wears worn out, frayed blue pants, a green scarf, and geta sandals.


Motojirō is as explosive as his lemon bombs. An eccentric, easily excitable man with an intense obsession over science and a lemon's shape. He has a habit of talking in an odd sort of "code" centered on the universe, referring to the Port Mafia's boss as the "Admiral of the universe". Motojirō seldom stops exclaiming his every word, and when he's not, he's mocking his adversaries or waxing lyrical of his intelligence.

For all his eccentricities, Motojirō is an accomplished and seasoned science enthusiast. Motojirō prides himself as a scholar of physics, applying science to every aspect of his life with multiple "experiments". He makes a point of questioning and doubting life at every turn and is especially intrigued by the concepts of life and death, including their relationships with higher powers, such as God.

To Motojirō, there are countless fascinating phenomena that occur at one's death, hence he thinks very little of people's lives beyond being subjects for his "experiments". As such, he questions what death exactly is, and why it is so inevitable, as it is something neither science nor God can overcome.

Although boisterous and arrogant, Motojirō proves a dedicated mafioso. As an infamous terrorist, he's one of the few Mafiosi publicly known, a fact he takes pride in. He views his "experiments" and murders as valuable progress in his never-ending studies and shows absolutely no remorse for the atrocities he commits. In a battle, he's brutal and sadistic, looking down on his opponents for both their weakness and "inferior" intelligence compared to his own. To top it off, Motojirō specializes in surprise attacks and ambushes, showing incredible capability in placing bombs in strategic locations or rigging the environment to his advantage.

Of course, when on the losing end, Motojirō wastes no time cowering in fear, as he isn't physically strong. This becomes especially apparent against Akiko Yosano after she "defies" an inevitable death. He can use this to his advantage, however, as when pretending to fear Margaret Mitchell and Nathaniel Hawthorne to lower their guard.

At the core of his person, Motojirō views the world as tedious, and channels his frustrations into the lemon bombs he creates, calling the lemon, for its "ultimate geometry", the destroyer of a tedious world. He alludes to viewing the mafia as an escape from tedium, as it allows him endless opportunities to carry out his "experiments".


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His ability, Lemonade (檸檬爆弾, Remonēdo?), prevents him from being harmed by any lemon-shaped bombs, which he makes himself.


Much of Motojirō's past remains unknown, however, what is known marks a unique trait of his: theatrics. He is one of the few publicly known mafiosi of the Port Mafia, a wanted terrorist infamous for his murders of 28 citizens in an incident referred to as the Maruzen Building Bombing. Of course, Motojirō views it as one of his "experiments".[3]


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  • (To Akiko Yosano) "A slowing of the pulse. The death of neurons due to oxygen deficiency. Lactic acidosis! Death is like a musical compilation of infinite changes in states. And then an irreversible death arrives."[4]
  • (to Akiko Yosano) "What lies at the ultimate apex of science? "God" and "death"! Both concepts beguile mankind- the only two things science could never overcome."[4]
  • (to Nathaniel Hawthorne) "God... God , huh? So you can hear his voice? Well, science is the only language that lets you understand this universe God has created." [1]
  • (to Nathaniel Hawthorne) "I suppose having faith is a kind of a duty for a clergymen like you, but the very core of sciencelies in always holding doubts!" [1]
  • "This world has always been empty. Happiness is but a brain signal. Therefore, those who play with science and the world are closest to the truth! And killing the Admiral of the Universe who lets me do that is something I won't accept!"[5]


  • He along with several other characters appeared in the mobile game Love Heaven as a limited-time character.


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