Murakoso (村社, Murakoso?) is one of the agents of the Home of Ministry Affairs' Special Division for Unusual Powers. She is also an escort for Ango Sakaguchi.


Murakoso has dark red spiky hair tied in two low ponytails. She wears a black blazer over her white shirt and wears a black straight skirt. She is also seen wearing a necklace. She always carries a katana as her weapon.


She seems to be a laidback person and is always seen chewing bubble gum. However, when Santōka Taneda was hospitalized, she is seen being frustrated and showed regret for not being able to guard him.


It is unknown whether Murakoso has an ability or not.[1]


Murakoso is swift with handling a katana, as seen when she immediately pointed her blade at Osamu Dazai with considerable skill after the latter pointed a gun at Ango.[2]


The Guild Arc

Murakoso and Takuichi Aoki accompany Ango when Dazai asks to meet up with him to negotiate some terms in the midst of the Guild war. As Dazai points a gun at Ango, Murakoso and Aoki are quick to point their weapons at Dazai as well, later retracting them after Dazai lowers his weapon on Ango.[3]

The Guild Aftermath Arc

Murakoso tells what document was stolen.

Later after the Guild war, Murakoso is at the scene wherein a Special Division transport van was attacked. A little while, Ango arrives. Murakoso then gives Ango the rundown of the scene, in which the transport van was attacked and the lone culprit is dressed as a postal carrier. Ango then asks what was missing inside the van, to which Murakoso replies that it was Document No. I-75-81-A.

Murakoso is intrigued about the document and asked what was it about. Ango responds that it was a report he made about Kyōka's ability, Demon Snow and her parents who were killed by it. Murakoso further asks Ango why look further into Kyōka's parents. Ango replies that the records of her parents were erased by the government which means that they are both on "their side".[4]

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Decay of Angels Arc

After Taneda suffered from great injuries, which led him to being hospitalized, Murakoso with Ango and Aoki visit him at the hospital. Murakoso is seen frustrated by this event, even asking Ango why Taneda is alone with the enemy despite it being the terms given by the criminal for their meeting. She and Aoki are left at the hospital guarding Taneda, while Ango leaves to deal with the enemy.[5]


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  • Murakoso means "town, village" (村) (mura) and "company, firm, office, association, Shinto shrine" (社) (koso).


  • She is named after a character in one of Ango Sakaguchi's novels, Betrayal (裏切り, Uragiri?).


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