Nathaniel Hawthorne (ナサニエル・ホーソーン, Nasanieru Hōsōn?) is a former member of the organization known as the Guild and later affiliated with the Rats in the House of the Dead. His ability is known as The Scarlet Letter.


Hawthorne is a tall man with a neatly combed silver hair (Marian blue in the anime) and cyan eyes alongside gold-rimmed glasses. Because he is a pastor, he dresses in a slightly modified black religious habit with a black cape on top of it, together with a white cravat and black shoes. He also wears a hidden cross necklace which can be used to cut himself in order to activate his ability in an instant. He is often seen carrying a Bible as well.

When he becomes Fyodor Dostoevsky's assassin, Hawthorne retains his outfit, though his habit's sleeves and hem have become torn and quite ragged. He also discards his glasses, and he once wore a white mask with red linear accents during the wake of Cannibalism. Later, he occasionally dons a cloak over his clothing, and his hair has grown considerably longer and disheveled. At this point, Hawthorne's facial expression becomes particularly deadpan and almost inexpressive.


Hawthorne is a man of God and appears to take his religion very seriously. He believes he was given a mission by God to pass judgement on heavy sinners. This is mainly the reason why he keeps himself in high esteem and even acts a bit arrogant towards his fellow allies and enemies, particularly Margaret Mitchell. Nevertheless, he is smart, good at planning, and very composed.

He might appear as a cold, rude, and even ruthless individual, but he has shown a patient and caring side towards Margaret, despite both of them getting into little quarrels. Later on, deciding that he shall restore her honor as she gets in a comatose condition, Hawthorne becomes an assassin for Fyodor on the condition that he cure Margaret.[3][4]

However, after coming into Fyodor's service, he was apparently brainwashed and his mind severely altered by him in order to be a "proper" servant (pawn). Resulting in Nathaniel becoming robotic and almost completely devoid of emotion. As see during his second fight against Ryunosuke Akutagawa and later during his assassination attempt at Yukichi Fukuzawa, where he was completely unresponsive to them. It was even theorized by Akutagawa that even his memories and sense of reason was removed by Fyodor.


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Hawthorne's ability, The Scarlet Letter (緋文字, Himoji?), allows him to convert his own blood into holy words and control them. They can be fired like bullets, or built up as a shield to deflect the enemy's attack.


While little is known about Hawthorne's past, it can be deduced that he joined the Guild to bring punishment to sinners as sent by God.


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