"Blood is without substance, and is thus a thing of beauty. Even more so if it sprays forth in a blizzard of crimson for the sake of love"

— Kyōgoku to Yukito Ayatsuji[1]

Natsuhiko Kyōgoku (京極 夏彦, Kyōgoku Natsuhiko?) is one of the main characters in the spin-off novel, Bungo Stray Dogs Gaiden.


Kyōgoku appears as a white-haired man, dressed in torn traditional kimono set. He dons a red mask on his head (possibly symbolizing his role as the 'demon'). He also wears a pair of circular framed glasses.


He is thoroughly disliked by Ayatsuji, who always laughs at him in return. He uses a good-natured, old-fashioned tone of voice that adds to his stench. He has a unique philosophy and acts according to it. He has followers and supporters all over the place, and has a mysterious charisma that attracts them and follows his orders and words. Naturally, he knows a lot about ghosts, and the idea of the supernatural.


Main article: An Inherent Drop

Kyōgoku's ability, An Inherent Drop (憑き物落とし, Tsukimono-Otoshi?), or Exorcism allows Kyougoku to give someone a 'demon' which then alters their mind/spirit.


Kyōgoku has a record of thirty eight (38) counts of instigation to murder, twenty-nine (29) of extortion, and hundreds of charges for robbery, abduction, and assault - tempted or not. However, Kyōgoku did not directly do these crimes but used someone to commit them.[2]



Manga Appearances
Chapters in order of appearance
  • Prologue - Prologue: The Waterfall Spirit Lord's Waterfall / Evening / Light Rain
  • Chapter 3.2 - Chapter 3.2: Marshland / Afternoon/ Cloudy②
  • Chapter 3.4 - Chapter 3.4: Wetlands / Afternoon / Cloudy ④ (mentioned)
  • Chapter 3.4 - Chapter 3.5: Wetlands / Afternoon / Cloudy ⑤ (cameo)
  • Chapter 4.2 - Chapter 4.2: Department of Justice Main Building / Morning / Sunny ② (cameo)



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