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The Port Mafia (ポートマフィア, Pōto Mafia?) is an underground criminal organization run by Ōgai Mori, based in Yokohama, Japan. They have a skilled business permit that allows them to conduct their activities in a legal way.[3] They are also known as Yokohama's "Night Wardens".[4]


According to Ichiyō Higuchi, the Mafia has dozens of enterprises under their control. It also exceeds politics and as well as economics and its influence is found in many sections of Yokohama. Those who defy them will only burn and not survive.[5]

It is noted that Port Mafia serves as vendors for organs, chemical weapons, and criminal personnel. They deal entirely in illegal products for underhanded organizations, and is considered the general trading company of the criminal underworld. They oversee countless shady operations and form connections with criminal organizations across the globe.

While the Mafia has vast reach, Osamu Dazai mentioned prior to acquiring a skilled business permit that the Port Mafia did not dabble in the drug industry. He further noted that the Special Division for Unusual Powers, narcotics bureau, and the military police's anti-organization surveillance committee waited for the Mafia to make such a blunder, making the drug industry more trouble than its worth.[3]


The Port Mafia divides its power largely between its boss and his five executives, who answer solely to him and lead their own factions within the mafia. Originally, four identified executive positions were filled, including Dazai, Kōyō Ozaki, Chūya Nakahara, and Ace.

However, it was later revealed that Paul Verlaine is also an Executive. Due to him never leaving the underground Mafia shelter, he is never seen in meetings with his fellow Executives. With Dazai's defection and Ace's death, Kōyō, Chūya, and Verlaine remain as the three surviving executives, but Mori keeps Dazai's position reserved solely for him, somehow waiting for him to return. Training of assassins is largely handled by Paul Verlaine, who has trained both Gin and Kyoka who both became promising assassins in a short period of time. In Kyoka's case, killing 35 people in a matter of 6 months and in Gin's, quickly rising the ranks to be part of the Black Lizard unit at her young age.[2]

Kōyō leads a major interrogation unit skilled in torture.[6] Another major faction of the Port Mafia is its guerilla attack force, led by Ryunosuke Akutagawa, having succeeded his former mentor Dazai. Working alongside him is Higuchi, who largely acts as his right hand.[7]

The Port Mafia also has an intelligence unit, largely maintained by Ango Sakaguchi in the past.[3]

A large number of Mafiosi are low-ranked, such as Sakunosuke Oda. Such ranks deal with many lowly and menial tasks such as managing security for paying stores and settling disputes between paid allies and their interpersonal conflicts or even being used as expendable assets as what Mori stated.[3]


The Flags (also referred to as the Young Bloods) are a group of young Mafiosi aged 25 years old and below. Piano Man came up with the group name, after spending three months thinking of it, though most of the members forget it and don't use it. Its members include Lippmann, Piano Man, Albatross, Doc and Iceman. Each of the members have their own responsibility in the Mafia.[2]

Black Lizard[]

The Mafia has an assault group, known as Black Lizard, which led by Ryūrō Hirotsu, with Gin Akutagawa and Michizō Tachihara as his secondary commanders.[8]


The Mafia's modus operandi for traitors is to first force them to bite the curb and then deliver the kick to the back of the head, shattering their jaw. As the victim writhes in pain, they turn the poor soul around and fire three shots in the chest.[9]


Before Mori's succession, after the current boss fell sick, the mafia recklessly expanded its disputes which may have resulted to destroying the city.[10]


Atsushi's Bounty Approach[]

Akutagawa kidnaps Atsushi

Akutagawa kidnaps Atsushi.

The Port Mafia takes part in capturing Atsushi Nakajima in order obtain a 7 billion yen on the black market to be used to control the underground.[7] The Mafia takes on four attempts on the man tiger's capture: including Higuchi and Akutagawa's joint operation[5], succeeded by the Black Lizard's infiltration of the agency office with the goal of eliminating all the agency members,[8] Kyōka and Motojirō's bomb threat scheme which eventually results to the former's split from the mafia and the latter's defeat,[11][12] and finally with the help of the organization Karma Transit to kidnap Atsushi and transport him to a foreign nation.[13]

All of which four attempts fail making the bounty approach a failure.[14] It was revealed that an organization by the name of The Guild is responsible for the 7 billion yen bounty on Atsushi.[15]

Declaration of the Three-Way Battle[]

Fitzgerald, Fukuzawa, and Mori declaring the three-way battle

Mori declares a three-way battle.

After the failed bounty approach, the Guild arrives at Yokohama with the goal to obtain the book by eradicating both the mafia and the agency.[16] With the Guild taking action to execute their plan, Port Mafia also launches their own attack to crush the Guild and the agency firstly by killing the Guild assassin[17] and the eradication of every member of the agency.[18] During the beginning of three-way battle, Port Mafia's executive Kōyō, was captured by the agency. This event led to Mori's decision to kill the president of the agency with the plan of focusing to resist the Guild after he was eliminated. The mafia hired some outsider assassins to kill Fukuzawa but the pursuit failed however they successfully get hold of the agency's hideout and declares a three-way war to both the Guild and the agency.[6]

Attack on the Guild and the Armed Detective Agency[]

Hawthorne's body pierced by Rashomon

Port Mafia's attack on a Guild member.

The mafia sends out Motojirō Kajii and Akutagawa to eliminate Guild's luxury liner and kill Nathaniel Hawthorne and Margaret Mitchell. Motojirō successfully destroyed the Guild's frontline base and restricted the Guild's escape routes by setting lemon bomb traps.[19] Akutagawa engages in a battle with Hawthorne and Margaret, seriously injuring both by the end of the battle.

Q being held captive

Q captured by the Guild.

The Mafia manages to find the agency's hideout during the war thanks to their plan of ambushing Fukuzawa.[20] Chūya is sent out to the agency's hideout to propose an offer to them by leaking the Guild's location and place as a result of the Mafia succesfully giving a bait to the enemy organization.[21] At the same time, the mafia releases Q, exercising all their options to win the battle.[22] However, the Guild manages to get hold of Q - using Q for their next emergency plan.[23]

The Incineration of Yokohama[]

Mori and Chuya see the mafia's casualties

The mafia's casualties after Guild's emergency plan.

Q's ability is utilized by the Guild in order to carry out their emergency plan to wipe out one-fifth of the city's residents.[24] During the event, the Mafia tries to contain and minimize the damage in order to prevent their operations sites taken down[25] After the emergency plan, the Mafia has 18 direct member casualties and nearly 100 casualties including their affiliate groups. At the same time, the agency sent an invitation to the mafia for an alliance. However, the negotiation for alliance failed.[10]

Battle with the Guild[]

Fukuzawa and Mori meeting

The mafia and agency's original negotiation meeting.

During the agency's retrieval of Q, the mafia decides to sent out Chūya, despite telling the agency's note of not interfering with their operation. Mori launches Twin Dark (双黒, Sōkoku?), an anti-Guild unit.[10] The unit Twin Dark successful retrieves Q and defeats the two Guild members - John Steinbeck and Howard Phillips Lovecraft.[26]

With the agency's infiltration in the Moby Dick, the mafia once again halt their truce by sending Akutagawa to the air fortress.[27] The mafia and the agency defeat the Guild thanks to Akutagawa and Atsushi's joint attack against Fitzgerald, eventually resulting to the Guild war to an end.[28]

After the Guild war, the Mafia, specifically Ace, captures Fyodor Dostoevsky - the man responsible for Moby Dick's descent. By the end of Fyodor's capture, he outsmarts the mafia executive which help him obtain the mafia's list of their ability users.[29]

Cannibalistic Mutual Destruction[]

Main article: Cannibalism Arc
Port Mafia vs

The mafia takes on the agency during the cannibalistic mutual destruction.

Both the mafia and agency's leaders succumb to a cannibalism virus by a virus ability user belonging to the organization, Rats in the House of the Dead.[30] With the only option to kill each other's leaders in order to save their own, the mafia takes on the action to eliminate the agency's president - using their main forces for an all out attack with the agency. The agency proposes a plan to the mafia to capture the virus ability user, leaving Jun'ichirō Tanizaki as their capture.[31]

Agency and Mafia confront Pushkin

The Mafia and agency confronting the virus ability user.

With little remaining time to save their leader, the mafia takes on the other agency members on a battle.[32][33] During the ongoing attacks between the mafia and the agency, both the leaders took the matter on their own hands and settle the dispute between the two organizations. Their battle was stopped by Sōseki Natsume instructing the two to work together in order to find and eliminate their foes.[34]

Thanks to a former agency member, they have managed to find the virus ability user's hideout. Together with the agency, the Mafia (namely Akutagawa) takes on the virus ability user and defeats the other enemy organizations' member.[35]

Rescue of Armed Detective Agency[]

After the agency's frameup as terrorists and the Hunting Dogs pursuit, the mafia comes to their rescue [36]. It was revealed to be Fukuzawa's request to Mori for the protection of the agency before his arrest. [37] During the military police's ongoing pursuit of the agency, the agency and the mafia were attacked by the Hunting Dogs leaving Hirotsu and Gin injured in the process. [38]

Confronting Kamui[]

Vampire Infection Outbreak[]


BEAST Osamu Dazai
Osamu Dazai
No Longer Human
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BEAST Ryūrō Hirotsu
Ryūrō Hirotsu
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Michizō Tachihara
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Atsushi Nakajima
Beast Beneath the Moonlight
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Chūya Nakahara
Upon the Tainted Sorrow
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Kyōka Izumi
Demon Snow


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