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Pōto Mafia


Ōgai Mori


Akutagawa Ryunosuke
Nakahara Chuya
Ozaki Kōyō
Yumeno Kyusaku
Higuchi Ichiyō
Hirotsu Ryūrō
Kajii Motojirō
Tachihara Michizou (former)
Dazai Osamu (former)
Izumi Kyōka (former)
Sakaguchi Ango (former)
Oda Sakunosuke (former, deceased)
Ace (former, deceased)

Base of Operations

Yokohama, Japan


Chapter 1


Episode 1

Light Novel

Osamu Dazai's Entrance Exam

The Port Mafia (ポート・マフィア, Pōto Mafia?) is an underground organization run by Ōgai Mori, based in Yokohama, Japan. They also have an Ability Business Permit allowing them to conduct their activities in a "legal way".[1]. They are known as Yokohama's "Wardens of the Night".


According to Higuchi, the Mafia has dozens of enterprises under their control. It also exceeds in politics and as well as economics and its influence is found many sections of Yokohama city. Those who defy them will only burn and not survive.[2]


The Port Mafia divides its power largely between its boss and his five executives, who answer solely to him and lead their own factions within the mafia. Originally, four executive positions were filled. As of now, only two surviving executive positions are known, but three occupied. Mori keeps Dazai's executive position reserved solely for him - somehow expecting him to return.

A major faction of the Port Mafia is its guerilla attack force, led by Ryunosuke Akutagawa, having succeeded his former mentor, Osamu Dazai. Working alongside him is Higuchi, who largely acts as his right hand.[3]

Beneath them is the assassination group Black Lizard, led by Ryūrō Hirotsu, with Gin Akutagawa and Michizō Tachihara as his secondary commanders.[4]

The Port Mafia also has an intelligence unit, largely maintained by Ango Sakaguchi in the past.[5]

A large number of mafiosi are low-ranked, such as Sakunosuke Oda.[5] Such ranks deal with many lowly and menial tasks such as managing security for paying stores and settling disputes between paid allies and their interpersonal conflicts, or even being used as expendable assets as what Mori stated in Dark Era.



Name Ability Status
Unnamed Boss Unknown Deceased
Ōgai Mori Vita Sexualis Alive

Known Executives

Name Ability Status
Ace The Madness of the Jewel King Deceased
Chūya Nakahara For the Tainted Sorrow Alive
Kōyō Ozaki Golden Demon Alive


Name Ability Status
Gin Akutagawa None Unknown
Ryunosuke Akutagawa Rashomon Alive
Ichiyō Higuchi Unknown[6] Alive
Ryūrō Hirotsu Falling Camellia Unknown
Yumeno Kyusaku Dogra Magra Alive
Motojirō Kaiji Lemon Bomb Alive
Sakunosuke Oda Flawless Deceased
Elise Vita Sexualis Alive
Karma None Deceased
Arthur Rimbaud Illuminations Deceased

Defected Members

Name Ability Status
Osamu Dazai No Longer Human Alive
Kyōka Izumi Demon Snow Alive
Ango Sakaguchi Discourse on Decadence Alive
Michizō Tachihara Unknown Alive


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