The Port Mafia Casino (ポートマフィア カジノ, Pōto Mafia Kajino?) is an underground casino run by the Port Mafia.


The casino's interior is neither glamorous nor luxurious, but instead it was plain and ambiguous. It was for the reason that the casino is used for illegal purposes.

It is located beneath a shipyard and has a horde of Port Mafia patrols. Patrons who visited the casino are top-class financiers, politicians, military officers, and the like. Patrons visiting the casino are escorted by a doorman wearing a double-breasted coat. Inside the casino was a chandelier, illuminating the damask wallpaper, wooden mosaic flooring, and shag carpeting.

Various equipment stood like reticent sentinels. There is also a jukebox playing jazz music from the Prohibition era, a roulette board, and a blackjack table. [1]



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