Priceless Tears (千金の涙, Senkin no Namida?) is the ability of Saigiku Jōno.[1]


Jōno ultimately uncovers the café manager's lies through his ability.

Though its extent is yet to be described, Priceless Tears allows Jōno to have extremely keen senses, particularly his auditory senses. This enables him to "hear" the secrets of his targets, making him quite invaluable during interrogations.[1] In compensation for his loss of sight, Jōno can sense his surroundings by "listening" to them. These include people's body processes like perspiration, body temperature, muscle sounds, heartbeat, breathing, and even their resentment and inner emotions.[2][3][4][5]

In addition, Jōno's ability allows him to track certain targets' locations by sensing their presences through the ground, which is helpful during their hunting operations. For example, by placing his ears close to the earth, he was once able to correctly pinpoint the relative spot of the Armed Detective Agency members traveling by car. He also accurately sensed that they were approximately at the foot of cliff about 500 meters below his and his partner's spot, counting four to five passengers heading in a westward direction.[3]

Despite granting Jōno almost superhuman senses, Priceless Tears is not entirely without fault. For instance, he was once unable to sense Chūya Nakahara's presence from a high altitude onboard a chopper, thinking that he was a supersonic sharpshooter. Hence, by extension, he failed to anticipate the mafioso's gravity manipulation attack on him and Tetchō.[6]


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The ability is a reference to Priceless Tears (千金の涙, Senkin no Namida?), a kabuki script by Saigiku Jōno that was published by Kabuki Shinpō in 1889.[7]


  • Partly due to his ability, Jōno is dubbed as the King of Avidyā (無明の王, Mumyō no Ō?).[1] In Sanskrit, the term avidyā is commonly translated to "ignorance".[8][9] This is an ironic reflection to Jōno's sharp awareness and vigilance to his surroundings using his heightened senses.


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