The Serial Skill User Suicide Phenomenon (異能力者連続自殺事件, Inōryoku-sha Renzoku Jisatsu Jiken?) is a case forwarded to the Armed Detective Agency by the Ministry of Home Affairs to investigate the reason behind the sudden deaths of ability users and to investigate Tatsuhiko Shibusawa, an ability user who calls himself the "collector", who is suspected of being tied to the incident.


After a strange fog appears at the scene, ability users around the world are suddenly committing suicide one after another.


Incident Name of Victim Reason of Death Location
Unknown fire ability user death.png Zhang Jianlin Death by immolation Taipei,
Dihua Street
Hafis bin Wan death.png Hafis bin Wan Death by card ability Singapore,
Merlion Park
Emily Jane Smith death.png Emily Jane Smith Pierced by ice Detroit,
East Warren Avenue


Photo Participants
Fukuzawa vs. All Men Are Equal.png Yukichi Fukuzawa vs. All Men Are Equal
Atsushi vs. Beast Beneath the Moonlight.png Atsushi Nakajima vs. Beast Beneath the Moonlight
Kyoka vs. Demon Snow.png Kyōka Izumi vs. Demon Snow
Tanizaki vs. Light Snow.png Jun'ichirō Tanizaki vs. Light Snow
Akutagawa vs. Rashomon.png Ryunosuke Akutagawa vs. Rashomon
Kunikida vs. Doppo Poet.png Doppo Kunikida vs. The Matchless Poet
Yosano vs. Thou Shalt Not Die.png Akiko Yosano vs. Thou Shalt Not Die
Kenji vs. Undefeated by Rain.png Kenji Miyazawa vs. Undefeated by the Rain
Mori vs. Vita Sexualis.png Ōgai Mori vs. Vita Sexualis


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