Standard Island (スタンダード島, Sutandādo Shima?) is an island that appeared in the light novel 55 Minutes, acting as the main setting place.


It is a floating, man-made mechanical island that is created by the peace pact of Germany, France, and Britain after the end of The Great War. The island is entirely self-sufficient - its navigation system allows it to steer independently, and the vessel operates an ocean thermal energy conversion, wave-activated power generation, solar photoelectric generation, and offshire wind power.

It functions as a resort where the upper class come to generously spend their money and boasts architecture reminiscent of Europe from Middle Ages all the way to modern times. The island usually travels the South Pacific Ocean in pursuit of the ideal climate for generating energy, but sometimes it ends up in the waters near Yokohama.

Covering its sidewalks were navy blue cobblestones of varying sizes. Each side of path stood brick buildings in the color of wine. The houses on the island had ornamental windows treated with lime and front porches with sliding door. [1]


The island itself is the form of Jules Gabriel Verne's ability - "The Mysterious Island".

Due to it being Verne's ability, any ability-user who dies in that island will have their ability absorbed by Verne. H.G. Wells, who died on the island during her pursuit to retrieve the ability weapon, had her ability absorbed by Verne, which caused Standard Island to be trapped in a time loop.


To access the areas of the island, a special kind of coin is required which will serve as their ID on the island. Visitors usually receive copper coins while the silver coins are able to grant permission to access restricted zones not accessible to tourists. They emit radio-frequency identification that can open doors.

Gold coins are required for top secret zones. The ones who are in charge of these specific, forbidden areas are given permission to arrest or kill the intruders (those who didn't have the permission to enter).


The island was split into four main zones:

  • Residential Zone - the area where the administrative staff live
  • Test Zone - the area where they conduct various experiments as the island also served as a research facility for power generated sailing
  • Tourist Zone - the area filled with music halls, hotels, seaside resorts, and shopping arcades
  • Engine Dept Zone - the area which was equipped with all the facilities necessary to steer and sail the island

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