Strait is the Gate (狭き門, Sekimon?)[1] is the ability of André Gide.


Strait is the Gate allows Gide to foresee in his mind five to six seconds into the future, similar to the ability of Sakunosuke Oda. This ability that could predict the enemy's attack also let Gide and his subordinates to appear and disappear from one location to another almost like "specters". To note, Ango Sakaguchi once mentioned that even the Special Division for Unusual Powers had some difficulty tracking them to the point that even the only method to handle them – dropping a bomb on them – would still be highly ineffective against Gide and his predictive ability.

Oda and Gide in a singularity.

One unique instance Gide experienced in relation to using his ability was when he first Oda due to their identical abilities, causing their abilities to counteract each other. For example, during their first skirmish, Gide continually utilized his ability to predict Oda's shots and to adjust his aims towards Oda and even his immediate dodges accordingly. Eventually, a resulting singularity emerged between their two abilities, where time went on indefinitely and the two continued to see what the other saw one step ahead of the other. Moreover, not a single second had passed by in the singularity sphere, and the singularity lasted until their deaths.[2]


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The ability is based on Strait is the Gate (La Porte Étroite), a 1909 novel written by the real-life André Gide. It is written in epistolary format chronicled and narrated by the protagonist Jerome and his beloved named Alissa. In essence, the novel probes the complexities of adolescence and growing up, anchored on various influences from childhood experience and misunderstandings between two people based on Freudian interpretation.[3]



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