T.J. Eckleburg (T. J. エクレブルク T. J. Ekureburuku?) is an engineer from Manhasset Security who developed the identification system known as the Eyes of God.


Eckleburg is a slender young man who wears grey pants and a white shirt. He has light brown hair and green eyes. He also wears a pair of round glasses.


Eckleburg is quite intelligent and considered as a genius. He appears to have a conscience and often apologizes to his friend under his breath, from when he almost ended his life until he reached his trial. Moreover, when Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald acquires Manhasset Security, he describes Eckleburg to be an excellent employee.


Eckleburg "detected" by the Eyes of God.

Eckleburg worked as an engineer from Manhasset Security, hailed as a genius who almost single-handedly developed the Eyes of God, an automatic identification system for security cameras. Some time after its development, Eckleburg was accused of killing his fellow engineer as caught through the Eyes of God. However, at the time of the incident, Eckleburg was out drinking after having a fight with a friend. When he came to, he found himself asleep in front of the company, and his clothes were stained with the blood of the victim.[2]


The Guild Aftermath Arc

Fitzgerald makes a deal with Eckleburg.

Eckleburg sits in a room about to drown his sorrows in alcohol before he decides to end his life. Fitzgerald suddenly appears behind, remarking that he simply wishes to witness a man take his life unorthodoxly with some degreasing agent. Fitzgerald then accuses Eckleburg of murdering a co-worker, to which the engineer denies and explains his alibi. Fitzgerald then offers to get him acquitted; in return, he asks Eckleburg to hand over the identification and tracking system that made the Eyes of God.

Eckleburg reinstated in the company.

The next day, Eckleburg is in court, with the jury noting on his possible guilt as brought forth by the evidence. After a 15-minute recess, Eckleburg is labeled guilty, much to his distress. Fitzgerald bursts in and plays an audio recording of Buchanan bribing Fitzgerald for his silence after exposing him as the true killer, whose voice Eckleburg instantly recognizes. With Buchanan eventually arrested, Eckleburg is reinstated in Manhasset Security now owned by Fitzgerald, who has doubled his wages as well as his responsibilities.[2]


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  • "In the end, I wasn't ever able to have a single drink out of happiness… My friend… Soon, I'll go to where you are."[2]
  • (to himself during trial) "Why…? I really didn't do it… Is it just the way of the world that an innocent person be punished?"[2]


  • He is named after Dr. T. J. Eckleburg, an unseen character in F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby. In the novel, he is an oculist whose name appears through a billboard advertisement that features a pair of giant disembodied blue eyes with glasses, covered by yellow spectacles.


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