Takuichi Aoki (青木卓一, Aoki Takuichi?) is one of the agents of the Home of Ministry Affairs' Special Division for Unusual Powers. He is also an escort for Ango Sakaguchi.


Aoki has a short spiky black hair with a little bangs on his forehead. He also has a goatee. He wears a simple black suit with blue tie. He also wears black leather shoes. He sometimes wear a pair of black gloves.[1][2] He also carries a gun as his weapon.


Aoki always shows a calm expression.


It is unknown whether Aoki has an ability or not.[3]


Aoki is skilled in martial arts.[3] Furthermore, he is swift with handling a gun, as seen when he immediately pointed his handgun at Osamu Dazai with considerable skill after the latter pointed a gun at Ango.[4]


The Guild Arc

Aoki and Murakoso accompany Ango when Dazai asks to meet up with him to negotiate some terms in the midst of the Guild war. As Dazai points a gun at Ango, Aoki and Murakoso are quick to point their weapons at Dazai as well, later retracting them after Dazai lowers his weapon on Ango.[5]

Aoki escorting Tanizaki and Atsushi at the library.

Later, he is seen at the library together with fellow operatives waiting for Jun'ichirō Tanizaki and Atsushi Nakajima. He then guides them to a secret passage which reveals a room housing the Night Crow for them to use in their operation.[1]

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Decay of Angels Arc

After Santōka Taneda suffered from great injuries, which led him to being hospitalized, Aoki with Ango and Murakoso visit him at the hospital. Worried about Taneda, Aoki informs them that their chief is expected to wake up in 40 hours if the surgery is successful. After Ango decides to leave, Aoki asks if he does not want to say close by the chief's side, to which Ango replies that they are not that close. Aoki and Murakoso are left at the hospital guarding Taneda.[6]


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Manga Appearances
Chapters in order of appearance
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  • He is named after the protagonist in one of Ango Sakaguchi's novels, Blizzard Story (吹雪物語, Fubuki Monogatari?).


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