The Taxi Driver (タクシー運転手, Takushī Untenshu?) is the culprit behind the disappearances of Yohoma visitors.[1]


He wears a green suit over his white shirt and red necktie. He is also seen wearing a pari of white gloves. He also wears a white cap as part of his uniform.


He is a very talkative person to which Kunikida describes him as a chatterbox.


He is a former stage actor and because he couldn't sell at all, he changed his job and became a taxi driver.


Azure Messenger Arc

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He was specifically called by Kunikida after meeting up with Rokuzō. He was interrogated by Kunikida since he saw the two out of the eleven victims before they disappear. He then tells them thaty all he did was drive them into their hotel; a woman on vacation and a man in Yokohama for business.


Doppo Kunikida

He is an acquaintance of Kunikida and likes to tease him about his glasses, saying they always look good on him.


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