Teruko Okura
Kanji 大倉 燁子
Rōmaji Ōkura Teruko
Personal Information
Birthday April 12
Gender Female
Professional Information
Status Active
Ability Gasp of the Soul
Occupation Hunting Dogs Vice-Commander
Affiliation Hunting Dogs
Manga Debut Chapter 60
Voice Actors
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Teruko Okura (大倉燁子, Ōkura Teruko?) is vice-commander of the Hunting Dogs special units and has the ability Gasp of the Soul.


Teruko is a short, young girl wearing the standard Hunting Dogs uniform, albeit the hat sports enough space for her hair. Her hair is light, long, styled in a wavy ponytail and tied with what appears to be a large ribbon. Befitting of the Mad Dogs, she has a sword by her side.


Teruko is an intense, boastful youth, who revels in her power and role in Hunting Dogs. She has a significantly short fuse and easily intimidates strangers after the initial shock of her youthful appearance disappears. She is aggressive when angered or provoked. 

Her temper is so extreme that she regularly threatens violent action against people who oppose her, involving evisceration and gutting.  She also seems to have an abnormal obsession with Ochi Fukuchi.[1]


Teruko's rocket is the last to land of the Hunting Dogs, with her furious she can't get out, demanding blood and expressing her endless bloodlust. After Saigiku Jōno frees her, she claims she would have pruned everyone's limbs like bonsai trees - a hobby she partakes in. [1]

Jōno attempts to brief her on the situation, but Teruko cuts him off, warning him not to 'read' her mood by listening to her heartbeat, as it will only anger her more, and she'll cut off his ears as punishment. Although this silences Jōno, it doesn't faze Fukuchi, who praises his squad and expects great success from them. Hearing his praise perks Teruko up, and she's more than happy to vow risking her life for him. Jōno fails to understand her erratic moods.[1]
Teruko's Favourism

Teruko's mood swing talking to Fukuchi.

Lower-ranked authorities refer to her as the blood-briar queen, a member infamous for her bloodthirst and feared even by her allies, she uses a steel whip as her main weapon.[1]

The Dogs discuss possible routes the Armed Detective Agency will take to try escaping the authorities. Teruko asks if there's more than two options, to which Jōno assures her there are no routes he isn't familiar with that the Agency would take. Musing which path the Agency takes, Teruko takes delight knowing that one wrong move could end in their demise, and she refers to them as "pitiful dogs", flashing a wicked smile.[1]
Teruko's Amusement

Teruko's wicked smile.

Teruko instructs the group they will go both routes, tearing apart their enemy's schemes ahead of time as they always do. She and Fukuchi go the northern station route. Although the military only has one working vehicle, Teruko and the other Dogs depict superhuman speed, making a car unnecessary.[2]
Teruko and Fukuchi

Teruko working with Fukuchi.


Gasp of the Soul (魂の喘ぎ, Tamashī no Aegi?). Teruko's ability allow's her to manipulate the age of anyone she touches. Teruko herself mainly uses her ability for interrogation and torture,with her ability allowing her to rapidly age someone to old age and cause them to develop several illnesses and maladies natural to old age,before rapidly pulling them back to a much younger age,putting a severe strain of her victims body and severely damaging them mentally due to how quick she alters their age before they can acclimate to their new age,making her ability ideal for obtaining information due to her not actually "hurting" her victims.

Other than this Teruko has also displayed the ability to use her ability on herself,allowing her to alter her physical age for both disguising herself and to mature her body to a more physically stronger age.


  • Her author namesake was a student to Natsume Soseki.


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