Tetchō Suehiro (末広 鉄腸, Suehiro Tetchō?) is a member of the Hunting Dogs special units and has the ability Plum Blossoms in Snow.


Tetchō is a young man with wild brown hair that strays in numerous directions, with bangs falling in front of his face. He also has two thin pieces of hair that are longer than the others in the back. He wears the standard Hunting Dogs uniform. Beneath his left eye, he has three distinctive markings.


Compared to his peers, Tetchō has a much more serious personality, though he still fits the bill as an eccentric fellow. For instance, he has the habit of combining similar-colored food and eating them. For example, he puts shichimi spice on strawberries, sugar on white rice, and sauce for noodles on yōkan. He is also shown to eat a hard-boiled egg with its shell still on[1], observe an ant colony for eight straight hours, and perform muscle training intermittently, even during meetings.[3]

As a Hunting Dog, Tetchō takes his role seriously and has a strong penchant for justice. Thus far, he seems to be the least cruel among the Hunting Dogs, voicing out his dislike for people who torture others during their investigations, including Saigiku Jōno. As such, he is willing to use his status to get the wanted members of the Armed Detective Agency and their accomplice Lucy Maud Montgomery a free trial after the owner of Café Uzumaki wants to protect them, showing that he has sympathy for people who just want to help those they know.[2]


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Tetchō's ability, Plum Blossoms in Snow (雪中梅, Setchūbai?) allows him to increase the size, shape, and length of his sword.[1] However, this has only been demonstrated with his saber and is unknown whether or not he can do this with other weapons.


Tetchō is said to have the strongest ability in the Hunting Dogs in terms of physical prowess.[4][3] Furthermore, he is quite adept in negotiating with others during interrogation, preferring communication over force in extracting his needed information out of his targets.[2]


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  • Tetchō brandishes his sword the most among the Hunting Dogs and has a rather formal personality. This greatly reflects the real Tetchō Suehiro's samurai lineage.

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