The Guild Arc is the second story arc in Bungo Stray Dogs. It introduces a new group of antagonists, The Guild.


Led by Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, a foreign ability-based organization named the Guild attempts to take over Yokohama. With this new enemy rising, the old bones of contention are put aside and the distinction between foes and allies is blurred as the Agency has to ensure his survival.




Participants Result
Atsushi Nakajima vs. Kōyō Ozaki Kōyō easily overpowers Atsushi with her Golden Demon [1]
Members of the Port Mafia vs The Guild The battle ends with The Guild unharmed. [2]
Ryunosuke Akutagawa vs Margaret Mitchell and Nathaniel Hawthorne The battle ends with Akutagawa seriously injured but still victorious. Margaret ends up in a serious life-threatening condition. [3]
Kenji Miyazawa and Akiko Yosano vs Chūya Nakahara Chūya shows his Ability, For the Tainted Sorrow, for the first time. The fight is stopped by Fukuzawa who wants to hear out everything Chūya has to say. [4]
Chūya Nakahara and Osamu Dazai vs John Steinbeck and Howard Phillips Lovecraft It is revealed that Lovecraft isn’t entirely human. Chūya also uses Corruption for the first time and the full extent of his power is explained. [5]
Atsushi Nakajima and Ryunosuke Akutagawa vs. Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald Fitzgerald loses and has spent all his money. [6]


  • The Guild is introduced.
  • By the end of the arc, the Guild was disbanded.


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